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AIM Consulting Amber Chiles, Megan Florez, and Iryna Kuchurivska.

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1 AIM Consulting Amber Chiles, Megan Florez, and Iryna Kuchurivska

2 First store opening in Dublin, Ohio in 1991 Discount Retailer of shoes, offering between 24,000-30,000 pairs of shoes in at least 2,000 styles In 2008 launched an e-commerce site and mobile site 2010 annual revenue of $1.8 million In 2010, became the 2nd largest market share in adult footwear. Competitors Collective Brands, Inc. JCPenny TJ Maxx Zappos

3 Current Marketing and Target Market Market to style and value conscious men and women DSW Rewards program Whered you get those shoes?

4 Strengths Large assortment at affordable prices Convenient store layouts make shopping easier for customers Always offer clearance priced shoes for budget conscious customers Weaknesses Lack of awareness of childrens shoes available online Childrens shoes not available in store makes shopping difficult for parents Only a national brand, makes competition with international brands harder Opportunities Utilize social media to gain a larger audience Advertise on mommy blogs, social media, and magazines Expanding internationally Threats Retailers such as TJ Maxx and Target, or other online retailers such as Zappos Needs a stronger brand identity that allows them to compete with retailers that offer childrens shoes already SWOT

5 Problem & Solution DSWs children selection is on-line only and poorly advertised creating an inconvenience for shoppers Create a new target market and raise customer awareness by offering childrens shoes in-store. Change store layout and adjust VM appropriately Addition of promotions Assortment

6 Kids Space Smaller shoes, more product Store within a store Kid-Friendly shopping Stress-free shopping experience for parents

7 Kid-Friendly fixture Shelves with rounded edges and plastic coverings Rubber floor pad where kids play Carpet where shoes are Shorter wall fixtures Attachments on merchandise to prevent falling

8 Same color scheme throughout store Utilize lighting Present merchandise in a way that is appealing to the new consumer without losing the aesthesics

9 Children-friendly ads Free purse promotion with a purchase for Mothers and Daughters Focus on emotional appeal of mother daughter bonding Cartoon belts for boys with a purchase of shoes 4 major season advertisements and special back to school promotion

10 Focus dedication to mothers and not women in general Children mimicking their parents through dress Focus on positive advertisement revolving motherhood and being fashionable

11 Providing unforgettable experience for daughters and sons with their parents. Focusing on children as future consumers of DSW Giving an opportunity to connect with their parents

12 Focus on delivering wide range of footwear for children ages 4-10 years old 65% casual wear 35% special occasions 60% girls shoes 40% boys shoes

13 Sales reads bi-weekly to gauge childrens shoe sales Market research on best and least selling brands to ensure stocking accordingly in the future Customer Feedback Online Surveys 20-30 questionnaire Incentives to participating like 15% off next purchase upon completion of survey 6-9 month period

14 The addition of childrens shoes at DSW locations will increase profit and give DSW the opportunity to compete with other brands and stores that offer footwear for the whole family.

15 What year did DSW open its first store? 1991 How many pairs of shoes are in a typical DSW store? 24,000-30,000 Name two of the four competitors of DSW? Collective Brands, JCPenney, TJ Maxx, or Zappos Name two of the three ways AIM suggests DSW to solve their problem of no childrens shoes in-store? Store layout/visual merchandising, promoting to a new target market, and assortment

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