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Welcome to Curriculum Night….

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night….
Let’s Get FIRED UP for a Great Year!! Welcome to Curriculum Night…. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ AND RESPOND TO YOUR CHILD’S NOTE! Ms. Kim Wyss, 4th Grade **Contact Info provided for you on magnet, yours to keep!**

2 Get To Know…Miss Wyss This is my 9th year teaching fourth grade at Homestead! I graduated from Western Illinois University; Spring,2002. I recently just earned my Masters of Arts in Education/ Type 75 Administration Certification through Olivet Nazarene University as of Who-hoo! Teaching runs in my family; my mom just retired after serving 35 years in Naperville School District, 204! She is looking forward to JUST being a grandma and I will be putting her to work as my “volunteer” aide as I need it(ha-ha)! I am enjoying being an aunt to my 3 adorable nephews Chace Daniel (now 4!), Camden (now 2!) and new baby Brody who was just born August 10, 2013!. Check out NEW pictures on the “Student of the Week” back board! I have a brother who lives in Florida and works at Disney! He is “friends” with many of the characters!! I am a DOG Lover! My pet/ child at this time… is named Wrigley! (CUBS FAN! ) He is a shi-poo and turns 5 September 27th!

3 Communication Daily: Assignment Notebooks/ Home Folders (Monday-Friday) Assignment notebooks are NOT required to be signed by a parent. Only on an “as needed” basis! In 4th grade, we are working towards students becoming responsible and independent for their own learning and organizational habits! Parent input and support is encouraged to help with this but it is NOT necessary that you sign it! Students are expected to write down each assignment everyday (even if it is completed!) to keep ON TRACK Important News: Will be sent VIA this year Please provide me with a current address so you can be added to a contact group for receiving 4W news! PUT ON PINK SLIP, Thanks!

4 Communication continued…
Friday Folder Mail(office/ other news, local businesses): Will come home in your child’s “Home” folder on Fridays! Progress Reports at Mid-quarter, (Q1: all, Q2-Q4 as needed, if falling below grade level average)! Report Cards every quarter Most graded work will come home on Friday; please expect a drag on Holiday weekends, special occasions, and report card and or conference time! Expect to see graded work weekly to keep you informed of your child’s progress!!

5 Special Note: 4th grade is the first grade students receive letter grades. . Please talk with your child about your expectations and what the letter grades mean. Grading Scale A A B B C C D D F and below

6 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT I BELIEVE… the classroom management plan should include opportunities for students to be rewarded positively as well as have a plan in place to modify negative behavior (detailed letter in folder, please read, sign and discuss with your child and return to school by Monday! Thanks for your support!). Working on making GOOD choices and practicing self-control! Bingo Squares (class and individual) Behavior Pocket Chart Character Always!/ Character Pillar Poms

7 H.O.T.---Homework on Time
Assigned Daily (mostly reading and math)! Should not be taking more than 40 minutes…4th grade X 10, (general rule of thumb)…if so, please let me know! Extension and extra practice of the lesson, Reinforces Concepts All homework assignments are expected to be completed the next day unless otherwise noted H.O.T. Tickets/ Oops Book 5 or more missing/late assignments or unpreparedness with materials, during quarter 1, will result in a check on the report card, 4 or more for quarters 2-4 Once a student fills up their HOT chart he or she will receive a free homework pass for a night off of an assignment of their choice!

8 Additional Info… Student of the Week—each student will complete their own poster and share with the class, students will be given a poster the week prior ---Schedule provided inside folder! If you foresee a conflict with your child’s scheduled week, please let me know ASAP and I will try to change it! Specials—See Daily Class Schedule, provided in folder! Water Bottles—are permitted and encouraged, students need to stay hydrated throughout the day! Snack—There will be 1 snack time each day. Students are allowed to bring in 1 healthy snack during this time. Vegetables and fruit are encouraged! NO PEANUT PRODUCTS PLEASE! Birthday Treats—Optional…Non-edible treats are allowed only! In an effort to protect health concerns, we no longer will be allowing edible birthday treats. Acceptable non-edible treats include: pencils/ stickers/erasers, classroom book/ game/ or gift. Attendance: Please send a note of any changes in transportation to the office! Homework will be provided for vacations/ unexpected leaves, if requested, and enough notice given. Cell phones are not allowed unless we have a parent note on file in the office. With a note on file, the student may bring the phone, but it must be kept in backpack and shut off during the day! Website:

9 Mark Your Calendar Wednesday, November 6th …Times yet to be determined
& Thursday, November 7th ,4-8 pm Look for a sign-up letter to be sent home… mid-October

10 Everyday Mathematics Recommended 3-4 lessons per week
Games are an essential piece to help reinforce skills (such as basic facts and computation), Games are built into the lessons and can be played at home! See “Games section” in the SRB for more information. SRB should come home each night with homework! Assessment: Daily RSA’s (Recognizing Student Achievement) RSA’s come in a variety of forms: slate/ mental math questions, math boxes, journal pages, or knowledge of how to play a game or act out a certain skill such as drawing a circle or using a compass. There is a letter in your folder that explains how RSA’s are graded on a 4-point system. 3 and 4 is adequate progress. 1 and 2 is not adequate. Students will be assessed at the end of each unit, in addition to the daily RSA’s, in 2 different ways: Oral/ Slate and Written. The written assessment is divided into two sections, part A and part B. Part A will always be graded. Packets with all of your child’s RSA’s / written assessments will be sent home at the END of each unit. Currently, we are working on lines, line segments, rays, and types of polygons. We developed a list of “I Can” Target statements for Unit 1…check with your child to see how he or she is doing with these skills! Everyday Math Cards will be coming soon, your child will have an online log-in to access family letters, SRB information , and play games online! For Further information…Check out the Everyday Mathematics Center- Parent Homeroom at:

11 Reading…MAY FLUCTUATE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, DUE TO COMMON CORE CHANGES… Additional Programs may be used to supplement Houghton Mifflin Houghton Mifflin Series Six reading themes (Journeys, American Stories, That’s Amazing!, Problem Solvers, Heroes, and Nature: Friend and Foe) Whole Group (M/T) Flexible Groups (W/Th, leveled readers) Practice Book Packets (Independent practice of skills/ strategies) ________________________________ ***Look on my Website For***: Extra Credit Opportunities Weekly Story Key Vocabulary Practice Weekly Story Comprehension Questions/ Skill Practice Monday… Introduce story & skills of the week *Build Background *Key Vocabulary *Listen to story T-TH… Practice Skills, Strategies, Comprehension story elements asking questions making inferences evaluating summarizing making predictions Friday… Story and Skill quiz 6 Theme Tests throughout the year- A comprehensive test that assesses all skills from one unit/ helps to determine reading group placement.

12 Spelling New Fourth Grade Program! Spelling will
NOW be referred to as “WORDS THEIR WAY” This is a WORD STUDY program! Word Study Instruction focuses on phonics, word recognition, spelling patterns and rules, and vocabulary. Instruction is provided in small groups based on each student’s specific developmental spelling stage Students did begin in 3rd grade so it will be somewhat familiar to them! Assessment has been completed to determine student placement! We are looking into beginning the program next week, with an intro/ test teacher per group across 4th grade.

13 Writing… 6 Traits + 1… Presentation
Q1—Write Traits Workshop Grammar—Types of sentences, prefixes and suffixes, parts of speech, Daily Oral Language (DOL) Personal Narrative—Q2 Expository—Q3 Persuasive—Q4 6 Traits + 1… Organization Ideas and Content Word Choice Sentence Fluency Voice Conventions… + Presentation

14 D.O.L. Daily Oral Language Sentence Correction
Language and Grammar Reinforcement subject/predicate types of sentences parts of speech proper punctuation context clues prefix/ root/ suffix Part of Writing Grade

15 D.E.A.R Time Read-Aloud Text-to-Text Promotes Fluency
Allows Teacher Modeling Students Make Connections Text-to-Text Text-to-Self Text-to-World D.E.A.R Time Silent Sustained Reading (15-20 minutes daily) Students are expected to read grade appropriate/ level appropriate material during this time, Lexile numbers provided from MAP testing can help give you a guideline of where your child is currently reading…I will have this at conferences in November!

16 Social Studies Program focuses on the study of U.S. history
Study guides provided for all tests Key Vocabulary Picture Cards available for all units, when requested (can help with the extensive vocabulary) Review games played in classroom before tests and posted on my website to help with studying! Topics of study: The First Americans/ Native American Tribes, Q1 Field Trip to Hoover Woods to explore natural resources used by Native Americans, and visit types of homes that were lived in…Trip scheduled for October…more info coming later! Famous Explorers, Q2 Colonial Times, Q3 Revolutionary War (Patriots Vs. Loyalists) , Q4

17 Science Hands-on Activities, Engaging experiences in the classroom
Study guides provided for each test! Review games posted on-line from time to time! Topics of study: Q1: Rocks and Minerals Q2: Microscopes and Micro-organisms Q3: The Scientific Method/ Design a science project! Q4: Solar System: Planets, Stars and Moon

18 In Closing… Questions, comments, concerns? THANK YOU FOR COMING!!!
Please take a moment to fill out any questions or comments you may have on your pink slip (in folder) and LEAVE ON DESK… ALSO ,don’t forget to provide an updated too, thanks! Specials Teachers are all available tonight too, if you would like to drop by and visit! Let’s work together as a team to make this a great year for your child! “Praise for Parents ”Poem You play a vital role! THANK YOU FOR COMING!!!

19 4th Grade Mission Statement
We believe children should develop responsibility for their own learning and become self-educators. Our mission is to provide opportunities for our students to develop their individual strengths to their greatest potential through creative and critical thinking activities across the fourth grade curriculum.

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