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Welcome to 3 rd Grade!. MAPE schedule 8:45 – 9:25 A = Art B = Gym C - Music.

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1 Welcome to 3 rd Grade!

2 MAPE schedule 8:45 – 9:25 A = Art B = Gym C - Music

3 Literacy Reading, Language Arts, & Spelling –Journey’s textbook –Typical literacy homework: Tuesday-reading packet sent home Re-read weekly story Do the vocabulary worksheets Practice spelling words (words also sent home on Monday Thursday-signature slip and vocabulary due –Spelling test on Friday –Selection test on Friday – vocabulary & comprehension

4 Dear Parents, Today we read, “ A Fine, Fine School, ” in our reading book. Please listen to your child reread the story, and practice the new vocabulary words listed by completing the vocabulary worksheets. Please return the signature slip below along with the vocabulary worksheets by Thursday. Thank you, Ms. Koss principal proud soared certainly strolled worried announced fine _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ My child, ________________________, reread this story & completed the vocabulary worksheets on _______________________. (date) _________________________ parent signature

5 Assignment notebook page

6 Guided Reading –Starts in October –Students are shared between the three teachers –Students are given instruction based on their reading ability

7 Cursive Handwriting Practice booklet Will practice 1 letter per lesson Will have extra practice as the year progresses & as needed Will expect all work to be in cursive in the spring (usually March to June)

8 Math Macmillan McGraw-Hill Math Connects textbook Homework will come home periodically: skill practice, test practice, X flashcards Homework due in two days Topics covered: –Place Value –Addition/Subtraction –Multiplication/Division –Geometry –Fractions

9 Social Studies Macmillan McGraw-Hill Our Country’s Regions textbook Topics covered: –Maps & Globes –The 6 regions of the United States Homework: end of unit study guide to practice at home

10 Science Topics covered: –Earth Materials – Rocks & Minerals –Living Structures – Plants, Crayfish & Beetles –Sound –Measurement Homework: end of unit study guide to practice at home

11 Letter Grades This year your child will be receiving letter grades in the subject areas of: Literacy, Math, Science & Social Studies You may check your child’s grades on Infinite Campus through the parent portal. Grades consist of A+, A, A-, and so forth

12 Organization Assignment notebook: * Filled out every morning showing daily work (students copy assignment poster) * Homework assignments will be circled * Taken home daily * Form of communication Take home folder: * Taken home daily


14 Friday Stations On Friday afternoons at 2:10 completedturned in on timeStudents may participate if they have all their homework completed and turned in on time Behavior has to be appropriate during the week Board games & card games will be provided Students may bring in their own board games or card games If students are not participating, they will be at their desks working on late assignments or sitting out due to behavior issues

15 Field Trips Crystal Cave – May Lake Wissota State Park - May Middle School Pool – May If you want to volunteer – you will need to have volunteer forms on file in the office If you want to volunteer – you will need to have volunteer forms on file in the office –a volunteer form needs to be filled out each year -the disclosure form is a 1 time form

16 3 rd grade Classroom Matrix Be Safe  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself Be Responsible  Start work immediately, work during work time  Turn completed assignments in on time  Do what your teacher asks immediately Be Respectful  Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak  Use positive words when talking to or about someone PBIS – positive behavior intervention support system – district wide

17 District/State Tests AIMs Web District wide testing Given in September, January, and May Oral fluency – timed readings Math skills - timed SRI District wide testing Given in fall and spring Comprehension – computerized Smarter Balance State wide testing Given in the spring Reading, Writing, Math – computerized

18 How to Contact Ms. Koss Assignment notebook –Please check over your child’s assignment notebook every night Phone: 715-726-2405 x1740 Email: Web site for further information

19 Thank you for Coming! Take care of school supplies -In your desk please put: notebooks, folders, books, 4 pencils, 1 eraser, whiteboard marker, sharpie, and red pen -All art supplies & extra pencils etc. go in art tubs – check for tub number on your desk name tag Get your picture taken in the gym! SMILE! Turn in any paperwork near the cafeteria Parents needing to speak to me in private-meet me back by the round table please

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