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Back to School Night Reading/Language Arts Presentation Ms. Rita Cirillo

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1 Back to School Night Reading/Language Arts Presentation Ms. Rita Cirillo

2 About Me Graduated from Montclair State University Taught first, fourth, and fifth grades at Doyle School This is my 3 rd year teaching fourth grade AM Supervisor Safety Patrol Advisor

3 Website Click on Directory and find my name You can visit our class webpage for daily homework assignments, and tests/quizzes under class calendar

4 Reading Goal: To strengthen reading through leveled reading books and comprehension skills Components: Shared Reading– whole class instruction with appropriate leveled material Guided Reading Groups- small group instruction at groups reading level Teacher Read Aloud- High interest/leveled reading material Reading Workshop- using post-its, class mini lessons, and independent reading

5 Independent Reading One-on-One Conferencing Independent Reading Books (AT LEAST 100 minutes per week for the beginning of the year—signed logs by parents ) Independent Reading Responses- Post- its/response in journals More reading=Moving up reading levels

6 Independent Reading Students will move up levels as they read more Our goal is to have each child increase by 2 letters Students should be visiting the library to get high interest books at their just right level (letter is based on Lexiles from last year for the beginning)

7 Checking Out Books Students will be allowed to check out my classroom library books according to their levels (using check out system) occasionally –Books must be returned in the condition they were borrowed in –Lost or damaged books will need to be replaced

8 Language Arts Goal: To build fluency in writing, to apply the writing process, and to build students’ confidence as writers Strategies: Writing Workshop Personal Writing/Journal Writing Teacher Conferencing Sharing with Peers/Class Spelling and Grammar using English book

9 Spelling –Words given on Mondays (not every week) and work for week is also explained on Mondays –Week’s HW is due Thursday of that week –Test is Friday of that week –All tests per marking period are averaged into one Spelling Grade for that MP.

10 Tests and Quizzes All tests and quizzes are graded equally Students will be given at least three days notice of a test Students will be given at least two days notice of a quiz Quizzes will be a smaller version of the test All Spelling tests are on Fridays unless otherwise noted Please check grades on Real Time often Generally tests/quizzes given back on Mondays to be signed and returned by Wednesday *English Grammar quizzes can be unannounced*

11 Homework Homework Alerts will be given for ANY missed homework Each student will start each subject with a 100% homework grade Each alert will result in five points being deducted from their homework grade (in the subject area the homework was missed) Homework alerts are filled out and sent home for a parent/guardian to sign The missed assignment needs to be completed and handed in with the signed homework alert the next school day A homework pass may not be used for a graded, long term, or vocabulary homework assignment

12 Strategies for Higher Test Scores Star Renaissance testing (Fall, Winter and Spring) MAD Minute Math testing once per month – charting student progress Writing Portfolios – individual writing samples administered once per month Weekly “Do Nows” using NJASK samples to prepare students throughout whole year

13 Thank you for coming tonight! Please do not hesitate to e-mail/contact me as needed— Remember, we are partners in your child’s education! 201-933-6777


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