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Infinite Campus Elementary Parent Portal

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1 Infinite Campus Elementary Parent Portal
A Guide for Parents (Left click to advance screens) Welcome to the West Allis-West Milwaukee Infinite Campus Parent Portal Guide.

2 IC Parent Portal Direct communication between school and parents or guardians In real time parents will be able to see: Attendance Student schedule Standardized test results Fees and fines Immunization record Access log link to teachers (After first click, list times in) The Infinite Campus Parent Portal will facilitate communication between parents, student, and school. Parents will be able to check daily attendance and see current grades and assignment information. You may be able to your student’s teachers with the click of a mouse.

3 Parent Login Screen This is the first screen you will see when you login. The first time you visit the site you will set up you user name and password. After that, you will be able to log directly into the portal. Password recovery help is also available on this page.

4 Parent Welcome Screen Once you have successfully logged in, you will see your name at the top of the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. All of your children enrolled in West Allis-West Milwaukee Schools will be listed here. Using the navigation bar will help you quickly find the information you seek. You will see all district notices and school notices where you have children enrolled.

5 En Español Clicking the En Espanol will change the titles and headings to Spanish. Any data entered, such as assignments, will remain in English.

6 Family This page list all the members of your family and their relationships. If you find any errors, or need to change you address or phone numbers, please call your child’s school.

7 Family Calendar The calendar page shows events for all students in the family for the month. The bells indicate attendance events. The red “A+” symbols indicate an assignment was due that day.

8 Schedule Your student’s schedule is displayed here. This page is for demonstration purposes only. Normally you student will have courses listed for all hours for both semesters. By clicking on the envelope icon you can the teacher. You may need to cut an paste the into you browser. By clicking on the “A+” icon you will be taken to the gradebook page for that class.

9 Attendance Attendance issues will appear in the parent portal as they are entered by the teacher. Rolling your mouse over one of the boxes will display any associated comments. If you have questions regarding a single hour absence, please contact the teacher. If you have questions about a full day absence, please contact the school attendance office.

10 Health In addition to the health page which displays the immunization record, parent will be able to view a page that displays standardized test score.

11 Fees The fees page reflects any past due academic or athletic fees a student may have.

12 Questions & Answers Questions about grades or assignments:
Contact teacher via or phone Questions about absences: Call the school attendance office Lost Activation Key: Visit the school with photo ID Technical Questions Contact Infinite Campus Support at your school The district cannot address personal hardware issues (After first click, list times in)

13 Common questions you may have about accessing information about attendance, homework, behavior and effort. In the “Family Calendar”, I can access information on assignments, missing work, attendance and up-coming assessments for my older children. How can I address these concerns for my elementary level children? Information on you child’s assignments, missing work, and up-coming assessments can be obtained by ing your child’s classroom teacher. The elementary level uses a standards based reporting system that indicates how your son/daughter is progressing to meet grade level standards. (What a child needs to know and be able to do) Information on your child’s attendance can be accessed by linking to the “Family Calendar.” (After first click, list times in)

14 Questions & Answers How are my child’s initiative and effort evaluated, and how is my child succeeding in these areas? Your child’s progress in the areas of effort and initiative are found on the report card which is sent out each quarter. This is definitely an area where parents have a great impact: checking assignment notebooks, completing assignments and projects, and even daily work habits in school are part of the development of these skills. If you have questions or concerns on your child’s growth in this area, please your child’s teacher so they can share strategies they are implementing in school, and discuss with you suggestions that you can try at home. (After first click, list times in)

15 Questions & Answers How are my child’s work and study skills impacting his progress? One thing research tells us is that it is important for children to have a quiet space to do homework each evening. Parental support and interest also make a big difference in how a child feels about school and homework. There are many ways you can help your child develop solid work and study habits. Please contact your child’s teacher for specific areas that you can address at home. (After first click, list times in)

16 Common questions you may want to ask about Standards based reporting.
Which are strengths for my child, and which are weakness in a given content such as Math? Your child’s teacher will be happy to share this information with you. Progress reports, in hard copy form, are sent home with your child at the mid-point of each quarter. This report is used to inform you of concerns the teacher may have concerning your child’s progress. Report cards, which are also hard copies, are sent home to inform you of your child’s current proficiency levels in Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Health etc. What strategies can I use at home to support what is done in the classroom? What does the teacher recommend for additional support at home? Your child’s teacher will be happy to share strategies and ideas on how you can help your child at home. You can your child’s teacher by accessing your child’s schedule and clicking on the teacher’s link. (After first click, list times in)

17 Questions & Answers What reading standards and reading behaviors are my child’s teacher focusing on? What is the Reading Continuum and how can I use it to help my child advance to the next stage? The district has designed a parent friendly reading continuum which is very beneficial in helping parents identify their child’s reading behaviors. It includes questions that you can ask, as a parent, each night as you read with your child. For example, at the primary level; does your child read from the top to the bottom of the page with a return sweep? Can your child identify the letters in the alphabet? Does he/she know the sound of the letters in the alphabet? At the intermediate level, question might be: Is you child making connections between different stories they have read? Do they ask you, or themselves questions to clarify meaning of the text Do they creates visual images in their mind as the story progresses? Do they make predictions? If you would like a copy of this continuum, which has many questions to guide your shared reading at home, feel free to contact your child’s school. They will be happy to give you a copy. Generally, the reading continuum is distributed at parent/teacher conferences. (After first click, list times in)

18 Questions & Answers I am familiar with Six Trait writing. Which traits are strengths for my child, and which traits should we be reinforcing at home? Your child will be given a formal writing assessment in the fall and spring. These scores should be shared with you during parent-teacher conferences. Many informal assessments are given throughout the year. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher to get specific strategies that you can use at home when working with your child. (After first click, list times in)

19 Questions & Answers Which Math standards are being addressed in class, and how can I assist my child in reaching proficiency in this area? Your child can be working towards proficiency in many Math standards at the same time as many are inter-related; Algebraic Relationships, Geometry, Measurement, Number Operations and Processes, Data Analysis and Probability, and Problem Solving and Communication. There are many strategies that you can implement as a parent which will benefit your child’s progress. Please ask the teacher how you can work with your son/daughter at home. (After first click, list times in)

20 Questions & Answers What are the areas of Science and Social Studies that my child will be introduced to this year? One of the most useful tools a parent can use to identify content that will be covered by grade level, is the Parent Guide To... You should have received a copy at the beginning of the year. This guide will give you information on what your child will learn in all content areas throughout the year. Building background knowledge in non-fiction is extremely important and makes a huge difference in a student’s ability to make connections with the content they are learning. You, as a parent, can help your child by providing a variety of print materials, conversations and experiences that tie to the Science and Social Studies content for you child’s grade level. Please contact your child’s teacher for other ideas on how you can build your child’s Science and Social Studies knowledge.


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