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Promotion Sports Marketing.

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1 Promotion Sports Marketing

2 WHAT IS PROMOTION? The positive communication a business has with its customers Can be used to communicate messages about the store’s merchandise or to heighten the store’s image Product promotion - promotion of a store’s merchandise Institutional promotion - promotion meant to heighten a store’s image There are several types of promotion that can be used

3 TYPES OF PROMOTION There are 4 types of promotion that are commonly used by stores Personal selling Sales promotion Advertising Public relations Each of these types of promotion has qualities that help promote the store

4 Personal selling A type of promotion that involves the use of paid sales associates to interact with the store’s customers A form of personal promotion since it relies on person- to-person interaction Effective personal selling requires that sales associates be friendly, knowledgeable, & helpful so that customers leave with a positive impression of the business Also a form of paid promotion since sales associates are paid for their work

5 Sales promotion A type of promotion that involves the use of activities that encourage customers to make purchases, such as issuing coupons or product samples, putting up point-of-purchase displays, running contests or sales events, or sending out s Are often used to introduce new products & to encourage customers to try them The general goal is to increase sales

6 Advertising A communication to customers paid for by a business
A form of non-personal promotion & is a one-way message The business creates & sends a message, which is read or viewed by the customer There is no direct interaction between the business & the customer Is all around us & it comes in many forms, most often in print & on TV

7 Advertising Elements Print Advertisements must contain four key elements: Headlines – attract readers, interest and get them to look at the illustration and copy. Copy- represents the selling message in the ad. Illustration – helps to expand on the copy by showing how the product works or how it is used. The Signature – or logo, is the distinctive identification symbol for a business. (Optional) A Slogan – is a catch phrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to identify a product or company.








15 Public relations Involves the use of unpaid references to a business to further a positive impression The goal is to showcase the business in a positive manner Publicity is a form of public relations Publicity involves calling attention to a newsworthy aspect of the business, such as charitable donations Publicity is not paid for by the business, & businesses make every effort to generate publicity that is positive & to avoid negative publicity

16 ADVERTISING LAWS Are enacted & enforced by the federal government’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) The FTC is an agency of the federal government that enacts & enforces advertising laws that protect consumers One of the purposes of the FTC is to protect consumers from advertising that is deceptive or false False advertising happens when a business knowingly makes claims about a product that are not supported by fact In these cases, the FTC has the legal authority to issue a cease & desist order This order legally forces this business to discontinue the advertising that makes untrue claims This order can also be issued to a business for using bait-and-switch advertising The illegal practice of advertising a product at a low price & then stocking little to none of that product, with the intention of selling customers a more expensive item

17 Advertising elements assignment
You will need to find 10 different ad’s/billboards using the internet. Copy and paste the ad onto a word document, identify the 4-5 elements of each ad. Must be SPORTS or ENTERTAINMENT related. Example: Headline: Beef in the Heart of Texas Copy: Angus Third Pounders Illustration: Picture of McDonald’s Third Pounder Signature: M Logo (Golden Arches) Slogan: I’m Lovin’ It.

18 Assignment 2 ****Listen to audio first********
You will need to create a billboard (Use a full size poster board fold and cut in half) You may work in groups of no more than 2 ****Listen to audio first******** Fill out a Product Submission form: Found on my website. Print and turn into box – Due Wednesday Fill out an Outline Sheet: Found on my website: Print out and turn into box. Make sure you have a sketch of what your billboard is going to look like on the back of the sheet. Due - Thursday Begin working on your billboard. Due Next Wednesday at the end of class. You must have choose a sports company or product to create a billboard. Each billboard must contain : Headline – Catches the reader’s eye Copy – describes the product Illustration – Picture depicting the product and it’s usefulness Signature – Company logo (Optional) Slogan: Company’s slogan if they have one. (IE…I’m loving it: McDonalds)

19 Nike Free: Summer Collection
Assignment 3 Create a sales promotion for your product that you chose. After completing your billboard you will create coupons for your new product. Will include: Name of your product Picture of your product The discount or sales promotion for your product Barcode Nike Free: Summer Collection Buy 1 Get 1 ½ OFF Bring this in to redeem. Good for in store purchase only.

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