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Fashion Promotion Through Advertising and the Press

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1 Fashion Promotion Through Advertising and the Press
Chapter 21

2 Fashion Promotion Promotion Mix Promotion through the fashion cycle
Influences sales Promotion through the fashion cycle Introduction Rise: Motivate Peak: the best Decline Obsolescence: Large markdowns

3 Purpose Inform Persuade & remind

4 Levels Consumer Promotion Trade Promotion Retail Promotion
Directly to consumers Trade Promotion Within the industry Retail Promotion By a store to its customers

5 Planning Well-planned to be effective
Important task is to plan a promotional program Written guide detailing all a companies promotional efforts Done twice a year

6 Promotion program Includes: Promotion goals & objectives
Message or theme Specific activities Timing of the activities The media mix is used Assignments of responsibility Budget of expenditures Evaluation methods

7 Allocating promotion budgets
Top-down approach Senior managers Bottom-up approach Goal & task method Affordable approach Spending what the company can afford

8 Promotion Ethics Deceptive promotional practices:
Deceptive price promotion occurs Mark-up than down Deceptive product promotion False or misleading claims Deceptive sales practices Bait & switch

9 Advertising Paid form of nonpersonal sales
Company has the most control over Terms: Sponsor – company paying for the ads

10 Purpose Build image Promote product Announce a sale Support a cause
Discount stores do the most advertising Chain, specialty, & department have large advertising budgets

11 Types Product Advertising Institutional Advertising Can be done:
Regional National & local Some are cooperative ads

12 Advertising Agencies & Freelancers
Design, produce & place ads Research clients, markets Write press releases Plan advertising campaigns Develop artwork, write copy, create commercials, design packaging Freelancers: Artists, copywriters, photographers hired independently

13 Forms of Advertising Newspapers Magazines Outdoor Direct Mail
Merchandise Packaging Radio Television Video Web Sites

14 Effective Print Ads Created to motivate consumers into action
Must be eye-catching Parts of a print ad: Headline Copy Illustration Logo/slogan White space Put together they are the layout

15 Public Relations Planned to build good relations with the various publics of an organization Publicity Unpaid media Can be good or bad Press Kit Promotional portfolios Contain press releases, illustration, photographs

16 Fashion Press Print & broadcast media
Provide fashion direction & information from beginning fibers to end-use consumers Fashion magazines have the largest part of revenue from the sale of advertising space

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