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WENATCHEE HIGH SCHOOL 2013-2014 Registration Information.

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1 WENATCHEE HIGH SCHOOL 2013-2014 Registration Information

2 Things to do in CP today: Review WHS graduation requirements Preview Request/Registration Process

3 Class of 2015 Graduation Requirements 1.Pass Reading and Writing HSPE, math End of Course (EOC) exams, and Biology EOC Class of 2015: must pass 2 EOC math exam in Algebra & Geometry; must also pass Biology EOC 2.Complete the Culminating Project -includes portfolio and senior presentation 3.Earn 23 credits in…

4 Graduation requirements (cont.) English- 3.5 credits Social Studies- 3.0 credits Mathematics- 3.0 credits Science- 2.5 credits Physical Ed.-1.5 credits Health- 0.5 credits Fine Arts- 1.0 credits Occupational- 1.5 credits Electives- 6.5 credits Total: 23

5 IMPORTANT! Students planning to attend a 4 year university right after high school must complete the following requirements while in high school:

6 SUBJECT AREA COLLEGE ADMISSION REQUIREMENT (Beginning 2012) ENGLISH 4 credits MATHEMATICS 3 credits through Alg. II MATHEMATICS – SR YEAR* 1 credit SCIENCE* 2 credits in laboratory science Incl. 1 credit in algebra-based class WORLD LANGUAGE 2 credits SOCIAL STUDIES 3 credits ARTS 1 credit These are MINIMUM requirements – you may need more credits for your postsecondary program of choice. * All WHS science courses count as lab sciences. FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:

7 Consider the Options after WHS Technical School Apprenticeships Military Community College Four-Year College Workforce Think about what you want to do in the future when creating your schedule!

8 Options to Consider for next year’s schedule At WHS- Advanced Placement courses College in the High School/Tech Prep courses In Community- Running Start (*must attend mandatory meeting at WVC; dates listed on WVC & WHS websites) NCW Tech Center (*registration form required)

9 Students will request classes on an assigned date in February through Sophomore English classes. (Ask your English teacher for the date!) Students will register for classes in April. Choose your classes WISELY. Your requests will be used to determine course offerings for next year. Requested courses are not guaranteed to be offered. Scheduling Process

10 Class Request Forms and Elective Classes forms will be handed out now in your CP class. (You can also access these forms on the WHS website under the “Scheduling” tab.)

11 Follow the directions on the form to fill in your class requests. Refer to the Course Catalog for course descriptions (under WHS “Scheduling” tab) Request a full schedule (6.0 credits)! Write in alternates for your elective choices! Bring the completed form with you to the Career Center on the day you are scheduled to request classes.

12 Next steps after requesting classes: Students will be given instructions on how to register for fall classes online during a future CP date. Registration will begin in April.

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