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9 th Grade Scheduling Moving to the High School. Determining Your Destiny Takes Preparation Take Control.

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1 9 th Grade Scheduling Moving to the High School

2 Determining Your Destiny Takes Preparation Take Control

3 Getting Ready Careers –CTC Visit / Shadow Day (October) –Road to Success (May) Academics –Schedule Meeting (today) –Parent Orientation Meeting (March 19 th Parents only) HS Environment –HS field trip / lunch at EHS- May

4 Career Planning & Decisions What do I think I want to do? –What do I like to do (Career Matchmaker)? –What do I think Im good at (MySkills)? –Whats important to me (Values)? –Who am I (Holland)? Career Clusters / Pathways

5 Career Goals and Objectives What do you want to do after your high school years at Ephrata? –Post Secondary Options -2/4 year college, technical/business/trade schools, certificate programs –Work World / Employment –Military

6 Career Goals and Objectives 2/4 year college, business school, trade school, nursing college, etc. –Need to be taking rigorous academic courses. –Recommended: 2 consecutive years of world language (4 year schools). NCAA Athletics – Eligibility requirements for Division 1 and 2 (all 9 th grade core courses are NCAA approved). *****New Revisions just posted on website****

7 Why Go? 5 Ways Ed Pays REMEMBER: Choose the college option that is right for what you want to do!

8 Resources : 9 th Grade Course Selection Resource Packet Internet Resources –Complete EHS catalog –Course Syllabi

9 Resources : Course Syllabi

10 Scheduling Dos & Donts DO –Plan your long range course of study carefully, based on career and educational goals. –Listen to recommendations of EMS teachers. –Pick classes that you are interested in. –Submit your completed schedule worksheet to Mrs. Mowbray by March 23rd. DONT –Pick classes based on friends selections.

11 Grade 9 Scheduling Worksheet Process –Today : Info to You –Monday 3/19: Info for Parents 7pm – March 28,29,30 Official Scheduling with Mrs. Mowbray and Ms. Batdorf Choose Wisely!! Choose Appropriately!! Ask Questions!! Next….Looking at the options!

12 EHS Graduation Requirements 23.5 Credits needed for Graduation 2016 –4 credits English –3 credits Social Studies –4 credits Math –3 credits Science –1.5 credit Physical Ed –8 credit Electives

13 English Options Teacher Recommendation Double English 9 Language and Literature 9 Tandem English 1 9 th Grade Course Selection Booklet Page

14 Math Options Teacher Recommendation Double Algebra I Single Algebra I Single Algebra IB Geometry Honors Geometry Honors Algebra II Honors Algebra II Extended 9 th Grade Course Selection Booklet

15 Science Options Teacher Recommendation Principles of Physical Science Foundations of Physical Science 9 th Grade Course Selection Booklet

16 Teacher Recommendations Not Needed: Social Studies – World History Physical Education –1 semester –Health is included in 9 th /10 th /11 th grade PE Total = 4.5 credits

17 So Whats This Really Mean? Electives – Filling in the gaps –2.5 additional credits –YOUR Choices

18 Electives: The choice is YOURS!! Art Business Education Family and Consumer Science Technology Education Music electives Choose based on YOUR interests!!! Band/Choir/Orche stra World Languages Agriculture Tech Ed: Intro to Engineering Semester = 2 Marking Periods ½ Credit Courses Meet everyday 1 semester 1Credit Courses Meet everyday entire year

19 New / Changes for 2012-13 Tech Ed – Introduction to Engineering Design (Project Lead the Way) Not just for the guys

20 Schedule Examples: No Music No Foreign Language

21 Music/World Language

22 Double English or Double Math Double English & Double Math

23 Study Hall

24 Build Your Own Schedule

25 Grade 9 Scheduling Worksheet

26 Teacher Recommendation Change Use Caution When Thinking About A Change!!! Be sure to discuss your ideas with your teacher and parents!!

27 Schedule Change Policy After April 1 st – no course requests changes will be honored unless you meet very specific requirements: –Alteration to your requests without your knowledge. –Computer data error. –Requested course not available. Rationale: *** April 4 th ***

28 Important Dates Take booklet / materials home and share with your parents (today). Remind your parents about the Parent Orientation meeting at the High School Monday night at 7:00pm in the Café (today). Hand in completed course selection sheets to Mrs. Mowbray by March 23rd

29 Academic Responsibility Standardized testing (PSSA) Study Ask for help if you do not understand Finish out the year strong Know the above + Do the above = Academic Success

30 Questions and Answers

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