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W ELCOME TO PHS C LASS OF 2019 Course Registration for 2015-2016.

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1 W ELCOME TO PHS C LASS OF 2019 Course Registration for 2015-2016

2 C ALENDAR March 9 th and 24 th PHS Counseling Office Open Houses March 11 th Engineering Info Session March 17 th 8 th Grade Family Night March 24 th PHS Band Night @ 6pm March 9 th thru 27 th REQUIRED: Online Registration March 27 th REQUIRED: Return completed Course Request Form (CRF) to your designated teacher

3 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW… Course registration involves selecting the courses that you will be enrolled in your freshman year. Placements are based on…  Meeting graduation requirements  Future goals (college and career plans)  Teacher recommendations and your parents input


5 C OLLEGE E NTRANCE R EQUIREMENTS (A-G) A – History 1 year of World History and 1 year of U.S. History B – English 4 years of college prep English C – Math 3 years of college prep math (Algebra 1-2, Geometry 1-2, and Algebra 3-4) D – Science 2 years of laboratory science (Biological and Physical) E – World Language 2 years of the same language F – Visual or Performing Arts 1 year of the same Visual/Performing Art G – College Prep Elective 1 year of an academic elective from the above categories *Must pass all classes with a grade of a “C” or better

6 COMPLETING YOUR C.R.F. FORM… You and your parents must sign your CRF form Include your name, your email address or your parent’s email address Only courses listed on the 9 th grade CRF are available to you Teacher’s signatures are required for English, Math, Foreign Language, and any AP Course An AP Contract is required upon requesting any AP Course If you will not be attending PHS next year: Due to a move, turn in a completed CRF form and write “MOVING” on top of your form or Have requested an intra-district transfer, write “IDT TO (school name) IN PROCESS” on top



9 C OMPLETING Y OUR C.R.F. CRF Space #1 – English 4 years of English are required High School English 1-2 Honors High School English 1-2 (teacher approval required) Honors criteria – pg. 10 in your packet Pg. 4


11 C OMPLETING Y OUR C.R.F. CRF Space #2 – Math 2 years are required, 3 years minimum to meet college entrance requirements Most 9 th graders will take Algebra 1-2 Some 9 th graders will take Intro to High School Algebra, Geometry, Engineering Geometry or Honors Algebra 3-4 Math teacher signature required on CRF See flow chart to identify correct math course for next year Pg 5 & 6

12 Talk to your teacher about which class they recommend.

13 C OMPLETING Y OUR C.R.F. CRF Space #3 – Science One year of a life science is required Biology 1-2 Honors Biology 1-2 (teacher approval is required) Agricultural Biology If enrolled in Intro to Algebra, consider waiting to enroll in Biology until your Sophomore year and select another elective. Pg. 7

14 C OMPLETING Y OUR C.R.F. CRF Space #4 – World Language World Language is required to meet college requirements. It is not a graduation requirement. If you are currently receiving an A or B+ in 8 th grade English and are very motivated, you may choose to take a world language your freshman year. *Teacher signature is required. If not, select an elective (refer to Visual & Performing Arts or other electives). Pg.8

15 W HAT ARE ELECTIVE CLASSES ?  Classes from any department but usually include a fine art. Fine Arts – Drama, Drawing/Painting, Ceramics, 3-D Computer Animation, Band, etc. Other Electives – Auto Mechanics, Yearbook, etc.  Whenever you select an elective class, please circle a minimum of 5 alternate elective choices, numbering each from 1-5 based on your preference.

16 Ceramics 1 000115 050116 Ceramics 2

17 1 2 3 4 5

18 C OMPLETING Y OUR C.R.F. CRF Space #5 – Health (one semester) Elective (one semester)

19 N EW C OURSES AP Human Geography Skills we look for:  A strong reader with excellent reading comprehension skills.  Someone with a strong work ethic.  Possesses the foundation for good public speaking skills.  A positive attitude. Info Session: Tuesday, March 10 @ 6pm in room K1 AP Contract required – 1 year commitment

20 C OMPLETING Y OUR C.R.F. CRF Space #6 – P.E. All 9 th graders must take Freshman P.E. Band and Tall Flags Students: Select Marching P.E. for your first semester

21 REMINDERS Read all Instructions! You are requesting your classes for the entire school year. Master schedule is built and teachers are hired based on requests. Choose classes wisely. Include up to 5 alternates for Fine Art, and other electives. Ability to change classes at the start of the school year will most likely NOT be an option.

22 ONLINE REGISTRATION NOVELL login – just like one used on campus. Input course requests using course numbers! DO NOT search using course title or department. Double-check course selections before “locking”. Cannot make changes once “locked”. March 9 th -27 th

23 P OWAY U NIFIED S CHOOL D ISTRICT O NLINE C OURSES & V IRTUAL S CHOOL 2015-16 * Requires lab attendance once a week. Labs will be scheduled on Mondays between 4 and 6 pm. Limited Availability Classes subject to change NCAA approved TRIMESTER 1 2015 TRIMESTER 2 2015-16 TRIMESTER 3 2016 Aug-NovNov-MarchMarch-June Virtual Classes OfferedHealthAutomotive Tech 1* Chemistry 1* Chinese 1 * Filipino 1* HS English 1* US History 1 World History 1* Automotive Tech 2* Chemistry 2* Chinese 2* Filipino 2* Health HS English 2* US History 2 World History 2* Semester 1 2015-16 Semester 2 2016 August – JanuaryJanuary-June Algebra 3 Honors Algebra 3 Algebra 4 Honors Algebra 4

24 Q UESTIONS ? Talk to your teachers and parents about the classes that interest you. Remind parents about 8 th Grade Family Night on March 17 th at PHS. PHS Counseling Office Open Houses March 9 th 7:30-9:00 a.m. March 24 th 3:30-5:30 p.m. Refer to your registration packet. Visit PHS counseling website to review course descriptions, graduation requirements, sample 4 year plans, etc.

25 PHS C OUNSELORS Mr. LunaA - Er Mrs. Whitfield Es – La Ms. Arreguin Le - Ra Mrs. Padua ReyesRe – Z Mrs. Barker-BallStudent Services

26 O NLINE C.R.F. R EGISTRATION March 9 th -27 th C.R.F. D UE D ATE March 27 th Give your completed CRF form to your teacher

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