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North Atlanta High School Scheduling Information Class of 2019 Rising 9 th Grade.

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1 North Atlanta High School Scheduling Information Class of 2019 Rising 9 th Grade

2 Course Levels Offered 2 Support Offered in literature and math courses (Elective Class) College Preparatory On grade level course Most students are in this level Honors More rigorous content and assessments Gifted Similar rigor to the honors level For students identified as gifted Advanced Placement College Level content Highly rigorous Expect at least 1-2 hours of homework every night

3 Courses We Offer – 8 Courses a Year 3 Core Academic Classes (5 Courses) 9 th Grade Literature Biology Mathematics Social Studies World Language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish) Elective Classes (3 Courses) Personal Fitness/Health Fine Arts JROTC Business Social Studies Electives Journalism 2 nd World Language

4 Elective Descriptions 4 All freshmen will take Personal Fitness and Health, each for 1 semester Students in Support classes will have those electives in their schedule Students in AP Human Geography can take American Government as a semester long elective paired with Comparative Religion Most electives will be year long selections Most electives will be geared toward a career pathway

5 Elective Descriptions 5 Career pathways have been mandated by the Georgia Department of Education - Small Business/Entrepreneurship - Financial Management/Accounting - Fine Arts (Includes Visual Art, Band, Orchestra, Drama, Chorus, Guitar, Dance & Piano) - JROTC (Can count for Personal Fitness/Health requirements if taken for 3 years) - Journalism (Leads to Newspaper & Yearbook) - 2 nd World Language - Audio, Visual, Technology & Film (10 th grade & higher only)

6 Elective Descriptions 6 Career pathways - After 3 completed units within a pathway and an assessment, the student is a pathway completer - Must be within one pathway (For example, all within dance, music, journalism, etc.) - The student earns a seal on their diploma - Add to college applications!

7 Elective Descriptions 7 Stand Alone Electives: - PE – Can be taken after Personal Fitness is completed - Weight Training - Recreational Games - Team Sports - Lifetime Sports - Social Studies - Comparative Religion - Music Technology/Music Appreciation

8 AP Information 8 Freshmen can take 1 AP class, AP Human Geography. It is a college level course. There is an expectation of very rigorous course work, including extensive homework requirements. There is an expectation that the students will take the AP exam. Criteria for placement will be based on Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies performance.

9 IB Diploma Programme Information To be eligible as an 11 th and 12 th grader in the IB Diploma Programme: Must have an 80 average in all Core classes, including World Language, in 9 th and 10 th grade Must complete the MYP Personal Project in 10th Grade Must complete the IB Contract Must have 4 years of the same world language 9

10 Scheduling Process 10 Monday, January 26 th Students have carried course recommendation form to all classes during the day 6 pm Parent Meeting at Sutton about scheduling process Tuesday, March 24 th Rising 9 th Grade Parent Scheduling Night Will distribute course request forms At North Atlanta, 6 pm Wednesday, March 25 th Course Request forms will be passed out at Sutton GOAL! - Monday, May 18 th Students will have schedules for 15-16 in hand


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