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Sixth Grade Meet & Greet

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1 Sixth Grade Meet & Greet
Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy July 31, 2014

2 About Me This will be my 18th year teaching, all at Holly Springs!
I have a B.S. in education from Kennesaw State University.I have a Masters degree specializing in Integrating Technology in the Classroom from Walden University. My husband, Tim, is a mechanic, and I have two children. Kelsey is 20, a student at Georgia State University, and was just married last month to my new son-in-law, Greg Shaw. Eric is 18, and he will be a freshman at Georgia Tech this year. I love to travel, read, watch movies, play games, and have fun with my family and friends.

3 Sixth Grade Teachers Schedule 7:30 – 8:00 Homeroom
8:00 – 9: st Period 9:00 – 9: nd Period – Literacy 9:30 – 10: rd Period & Snack 10:30 – 11:30 4th Period 11:30 – 12:30 5th Period 12:30 – 1: Lunch 1:00 – 1: Reward Time 1:20 – 2: Specials M – PE T – Art W – Music Th – PE F - PE 2:00 – 2: Homeroom Mrs. Cantrell – Social Studies Mrs. Hicks – Language Arts/Reading Mrs. Naliwajka – Science Mrs. Wallace – Math Mrs. Gebczyk – Music Mr. Jacobs – Art Mrs. Peters and Ms. Anderson – PE Dr. Steinbeck – Sixth Grade Administrator

4 Sixth Grade Success Be on time and here! Attendance is imperative. School day begins at 7:45 a.m. When students are absent, they will miss instruction in 5 classes. Students are responsible for getting make up work and returning any assignments within three days after absence. Look at and sign your child’s agenda each day. Ask him/her about the information you don’t understand. Homework should be circled or highlighted. If something is noted in red, your child had a behavioral or responsibility issue that day. Codes are in the back pocket of the agenda. Read and note important dates and events from the weekly newsletter. It will be posted on sixth grade teachers’ websites. Keep updated with the teachers’ websites, too. Look each week at your child’s grades in Aspen the Family Portal. If you don’t have an account, please set up one today.

5 Parent/Teacher Communication
The agenda serves as daily communication between school and home. Please feel free to us. A link to our can be found on the Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy website. is the quickest way to get a response. We try to parents back within 24 hours. We will you on a regular basis. Please make sure we get your current address today! A weekly newsletter is posted each Friday on our websites. Teachers’ websites give great information and help!

6 Breakfast & Lunch & Snack
Breakfast begins at 7:00 a.m. Cost is $1.25 Sixth Grade Lunch time is approximately 12:20 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Lunch costs - $2.00 Please sign in if you come to eat with your child and sit at designated area with only your child. It is school district policy that no fast food be brought in from outside restaurants. Students can bring an individualized HEALTHY snack to have during 3rd period. This is a privilege, so it needs to be something a student can eat while listening to instruction or completing an assignment. Students are permitted to have water bottles as long as they remain responsible with them, and they don’t cause a distraction to learning.

7 Transportation Changes
Please note any changes to your child’s transportation daily in his/her agenda, or notify the office in writing. Please do not send transportation changes to our . We do not always get a chance to look at our during the school day. Make sure your child knows when he/she arrives to school how he/she will get home that afternoon!

8 After School Program is available for $8.00/day.
Please note: Boys and Girls Club usually does not begin the first week of school.

9 Get Involved! Sign up for PTA today. We want 100% participation in sixth grade! PTA needs a room parent for each homeroom. Please let us know if you’d be willing to serve. A form will come home in packet on Monday for help with Holiday Party and End of Year Party and volunteers for Copy Parent. Please sign up if you’re wiling to help!

10 Monday: First Day of School
Students will come home a with folder of information on Monday afternoon to be completed. Please make sure to return these forms ASAP. Our office and nursing staff begins asking us for this information on Tuesday! Students will report to homeroom once they arrive to school.

11 Please remember first payment of $125 for Tybee Island field trip is due Aug. 15.

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