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Tú vs. usted Formal and Informal.

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1 Tú vs. usted Formal and Informal

2 Tú vs. usted Both tú and usted (ud.) mean “you” in Spanish.
Tú and usted are used differently Tú = informal Usted = formal

3 Formal Use the formal (ud.): Ejemplos: With an older person
Somone you do not know well Someone you need to show respect to. Ejemplos: La policia (police), el jefe (boss), el presidente (the president) Mr. Smith your neighbor, Prof. Ramirez your teacher, Juan who you just met.

4 Informal Use the informal (tú): Ejemplos: With a younger person
Somone you know well Family, friends, etc. Ejemplos: Los amigos, otros alumnos (other students), la familia (family) Rogelio who is 5, Marta your sister, Esteban your friend.

5 Tú vs. usted Mi amigo Paco, ¿Cómo _______ _____? (ser)
Mi profesora Smith, ¿Cómo _______ _______? (ser) eres es usted

6 Plurales The plural of usted is ustedes. The plural of tú is:
Vosotros (in Spain) Ustedes (all other countries)

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