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‘You’ en Español Tú vs. Usted.

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1 ‘You’ en Español Tú vs. Usted

2 Well, for most Spanish speakers there are TWO ways to say “you”!!!
*At least when you’re speaking to just one person! Usted &

3 Tú is the FAMILIAR form of ‘you’ in Spanish. It is used when talking to: Friends Family People Your Own Age Children Pets

4 Usted Usted is the more FORMAL version of ‘you’. It is used when talking to: Strangers People Older Than You Authority Figures People You’ve Just Met

5 In writing, usted is almost always abbreviated.
Ud. *It’s also always capitalized.

6 Tú vs. Usted Let’s look at the singular forms first. Each one has a specific time when it used. If you use the wrong one, it can be offensive to the person with whom you are speaking

7 Tú vs. Usted Tú (singular familiar) is used with people that you are familiar with or someone that you refer to by their first name. Usted (Ud.) (singular formal) is used with a person who you should respect, for example a doctor, teacher, elder, or an unknown person.

8 Tú vs Usted Tú = you (informal/ Usted (Ud.) = you (formal) familiar)
Use “tú” when talking to people with whom you are on a first name basis. friends family small children people younger than you pets Usted (Ud.) = you (formal) Use “Usted” when talking with people to whom you should show respect. People in authority (police, teachers, bosses, etc.) Strangers Acquaintances Adults

9 Tú o Usted? Your Little Cousin

10 Tú o Usted? el Doctor Morales Usted

11 Tú o Usted? la Señora Hidalgo Usted

12 Tú o Usted? Tu amigo Carlos

13 Tú o Usted? Pepa

14 Tú o Usted? Your Boss Usted

15 Tú o Usted? Your Grandma

16 Tú o Usted? Uncle Enrique

17 Tú o Usted? Your Friend’s Mom Usted

18 Tú o Usted? Your Friend’s Sister

19 Tú o Usted? Professor McBoring Usted

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