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Subject pronouns.

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1 Subject pronouns

2 Pronouns The subject of the sentence tells who is doing the action. It is often a name. Subject pronouns replace people’s names to tell who is doing the action.

3 Pronouns Singular Plural I yo we/us nosotros/as
you (familiar) tú you (familiar) vosotros/as you (formal) usted you (formal) ustedes he él they ellos she ella they ellas

4 Pronouns Vosotros and vosotras are primarily used in Spain. These forms are used to address a group when you would refer to each person as tú. We will not study them in this class, but you will encounter those forms if you continue to study Spanish. Usted and ustedes are formal forms that are used with people you address with a title, such as señor and doctor. In Latin America, ustedes is also used when addressing two or more people you call tú individually.

5 When speaking directly TO someone
You (formal) Marcos and Marta Your younger brother Señora Todd Us

6 When speaking ABOUT someone
Roberto Helena and Isabel Yourself Señora Todd Your younger sister

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