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Preterite and Imperfect Verbs

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1 Preterite and Imperfect Verbs
…the tricky past is present

2 Uses for Preterite and Imperfect
C completed actions: single actions or series of actions F focus on beginning of an action F focus on an actions coming to an end P physical or emotional states H habitual actions A age T time C continuing actions O ongoing situations W weather

3 Other situations Something was happening, when an action ‘interrupted’ it. The ongoing action is imperfect, and the action that ‘interrupts’ is preterite. In a long narrative. The part that seems to be descriptive, background info is imperfect, while actions and specific events are preterite.

4 (interruption of an ongoing action)
Practice While I was walking in Florida, I saw a gator (el caimán). Mientras caminaba en Florida, vi a un caimán. (interruption of an ongoing action)

5 Practice I left Florida, and went to Belize. It was sunny
when I arrived! Salí de Florida, y fui a Belize. Hacía mucho sol cuando llegué. (action, weather, action)

6 Practice It was four o’clock when my mom sent me an e-mail.
She was sad, because she missed (extrañar) me. Eran las cuatro cuando mi madre me mandó un . Estaba triste, porque me extrañaba. (time, action, emotion, emotion)

7 Imperfect Formation

8 Preterite Formation

9 W e b R e s o u r c e s More Practice Grammar Help
Preterite and Imperfect Practice Grammar Help Preterite vs. Imperfect Online Verb Tutorial

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