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preterite vs imperfect

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1 preterite vs imperfect
the Spanish past tense…

2 preterite imperfect backbone of the story moves things forward
tells when things began and ended moves the story forward in time descriptive filler flesh of the story does not introduce new events stops the story to fill in details and descriptions

3 Picture It preterite (events) imperfect (details/descriptions)

4 preterite imperfect he woke up he ate breakfast he brushed his teeth
he left the house he arrived at school these are all specific events it was sunny he was hungry he was happy the toothpaste was blue his friend was waiting these are all details/descriptions

5 some more pictures that may help you…
beginning _________ _ _ _ _ _ _ end _ _ _ _ _ ___________ beginning and end _______________ middle _ _ _ _ _ _ _________ _ _ _ _ _ preterite preterite preterite imperfect

6 verb of action Is it a verb of action? Is the action… habitual?
interrupted? descriptive? yes to any = use imperfect no to all = use preterite

7 verb of action preterite is the rule imperfect is the exception
use preterite if the action is the beginning or the end, or if the action is completed use imperfect if the focus is on the middle of the acion or if the action is habitual, interrupted, or descriptive

8 verb of state imperfect is the rule preterite is the action
use imperfect if there is no change, action, reaction, or time limitation use preterite if there is a sudden change, reaction, or time limitation

9 copy down these examples to know when to use the preterite
De repente ella empezó a llorar. Hoy me levanté a las ocho y media. Ellos durmieron muy bien anoche. Yo hablaba por teléfono cuando mi padre gritó.

10 copy these examples and study them to know when to use the imperfect
Maria y Juan se veían todos los martes. Yo quería ir a Puerto Rico. Yo tenía trece anos cuando fui a Nevada. Ella tenía calor en la casa. Nosotros charlábamos mientras ellos contaban chistes.

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