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Intro to Creating Stairways

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1 Intro to Creating Stairways
Architecture Intro to Creating Stairways

2 Terms for Stairs Handrail Landings 30” high on slope
34” high on landings Landings Flat floor area connected to stairs

3 Cast Concrete Stairs

4 Terms of Stairs Baluster Tread Vertical member holding handrail
Horizontal parts of the steps 1” to 1.25” thick 10.5” to 11.5” deep

5 Terms for Stairs Riser Nosing Vertical parts of the steps .75” thick
7” to 7 5/8” high Nosing Overhang of the tread Approximately 1”



8 Terms for Stairs Stringer
Diagonal members, notched to hold risers and treads Min. of 2 needed If over 3’, then 3 is needed


10 Terms for Stairs Headroom Total Rise Total Run
Minimum distance from slope to ceiling is 6’6” minimum Total Rise Floor to floor measurement Total Run Distance from front of first step to end of last (landing to landing)


12 Types of Stairs Straight L Double L U Winder Spiral Circular

13 4 Rules to calculating stairs
Slope must be degrees 2 risers and 1 tread=close to 25” 1 riser X 1 tread=close to 75” 1 riser + 1 tread=close to 17”

14 Procedure in Planning Step 1
Determine the total rise (floor to floor) Example: Floor to ceiling 8’ Ceiling ½” Ceiling joist ¼” 2nd floor sub floor ¾” 2nd floor, floor ½” Total rise= 107”

15 Procedures in Planning Step 2
Figure out NUMBER and SIZE of risers Divide total rise by 7 (for starters) Round this number to an exact # (15, 16) Divide this # into total rise to get actual size of risers

16 Example Cont. 107” divided by 7=15.28 Round this number to 15 or 16
Divide 107 by 15=7.13 Divide 107 by 16=6.6 This is the actual size of the risers!!!!!

17 Procedures in Planning Step 3
Figure out NUMBER and SIZE of tread Use rule #2 to find size (around ) Recheck with rule 3 and 4 Always one less tread than riser # of treads x tread size must equal total run

18 Things you have to calculate
Total rise= Total run= Rise of step= Run of step= (tread)( ) # of risers= # of treads= Angle of stairs= Handrail height=

19 Other Steps 4. Draw riser, tread grid pattern
5. Darken riser, tread and nosing 6. Draw stringer (usually 12”) 7. Find rough opening (min 6’6”) 8. Recheck Detail with balusters, handrails, etc.

20 Other steps 8’10”=106” 106 divided by 7=15.14 Round down to 15
106 divided by 15=7.06 actual riser height 10.5 tread 15 risers 14 treads

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