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Chapter 16 Floor-Plan Symbols.

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1 Chapter 16 Floor-Plan Symbols

2 Floor plans for a proposed home:
Introduction Floor plans for a proposed home: Provide the owner an opportunity to evaluate the design in terms of livability and suitability Quickly communicate overall construction requirements to the builder Reduce likelihood of errors if they are easy to read

3 Identified on the floor plan with:
Floor Plan Materials Identified on the floor plan with: Notes Characteristic symbols Key symbols

4 Room Titles on Floor Plans
Rooms are labeled with a name on the floor plan

5 Other Floor Plan Symbols
There are many additional symbols Hose bibb Concrete slab Attic and crawl space Window well Floor drain Cross-section

6 Other Floor Plan Symbols
Hose Bib - Outdoor water faucet Concrete Slab - Used for garage floor, patio, and driveways Attic Access can be placed in a closet or hallway 22” x 30” 4” Floor Drains


8 Wall Symbols With CAD, walls are draw to the exact thickness
No sheetrock included Studs are vertical construction members A 2 X 4 is actually ____” x _____” A 2 X 6 is actually ____” x _____” Frame 16” o.c. 92 5/8” Studs

9 Wall Symbols Opinions vary with regard to how walls are drawn
Exterior walls Interior partitions

10 Room Components In AutoCAD
Exterior walls – 3 1/2” or 5 1/2” Interior walls – 3 1/2” Interior plumbing wall – 5 1/2” Hallways - 37” minimum (38” if 26 door at end) Bedroom Closets - 25” deep by 49” wide min Base cabinets – 24 1/2” deep Upper cabinets – 12 1/2” deep

11 Wall and Partitions Walls are shaded so they stand out from the rest of the drawing Hatch command in AutoCAD creates______ lines.

12 Railing & half walls Guardrail vs. Handrail
Handrail is 34” -36” above the stairs and defined with a note Needed if ____ or more risers Guardrails is at least __” tall with no more than __” between rails (balusters) Needed when change in floor elevation of greater than ___” In AutoCAD

13 Interior doors Door Symbols
Exterior doors are drawn with sill on the outside Main door is usually 3’-0” Other exterior doors are 2’-8” How Tall are standard doors? _____’-______” 4” Min Interior doors Utility rooms 2’-__” Bathrooms 2’-__” Bedrooms 2’-6” Closets 2’-0” What would a line represent in the door opening for interior doors? 4” Min

14 Why minimum of 4” away from closest wall
Hallway width determined by door size at the end of the hallway 4” Min

15 Door Symbols What is a pocket door? What is a Bi pass door? Bi fold
Slide into the wall and require no swing Disadvantages!! What is a Bi pass door? Bi fold French

16 Door Symbols Dutch Accordion

17 Door Symbols Sliding glass doors save floor space and add more glass
Atrium Doors Double-acting doors AKA café doors Usually single Shower doors

18 Showers Doors Advantages? Disadvantages?

19 Garage Door Symbols Garage doors range from
8’-0” to 18’-0” wide 7’-0” to 10’-0” high The open position is shown as dashed lines The door is drawn as a slab

20 Vinyl Windows Typically in 6” increments
Sliding – up to 6’ wide Sliding Glass Doors – up to 6’ wide Picture/ Fixed – up to 8’ wide Bay - 8’ - 10’ total with 18” - 24” sides Always have 45 degree corners Single-hung – up to 42” wide (36)

21 Window Symbols The sill is drawn on the outside of the window
Windows range in size from 1’-0” to 12’-0” at intervals of 6” Size of the window depends on its purpose and if it should open or not Single Hung (SH), Slider (SL), Atrium, Fixed (FX), Casement (C) Bay windows extend beyond the wall and can extend from the floor to the ceiling or contain a bench

22 Window Symbols Cantilevered Box window Bay with SGD and SH windows
Cantilever Box for FP Skylights add natural light and are drawn with dashed lines on the floor plan Why?

23 Name those Architecture Elements
Casement Window Transom Window Double hung Window Single Hung Window Slider Window Full Atrium Sliding Glass Door Keystone Trimmers Shutters Sidelights Gable End Turret Bay Hip quions

24 Solar Tubes

25 Appliance Components Water heater - 18” to 24” diameter
Refrigerator - 36” wide and 27” deep Plan for 39” opening Stove/cook-top - 30” x 21” deep Built-in oven - 27” x 24” deep Put in 30” cabinet Dishwasher - 24” x 24 deep”

26 Schedules Numbered symbols on the floor plan key specific items to charts (i.e., schedules) Set up many different ways When doors and windows are described they must be keyed

27 Kitchen Cabinets

28 Bathroom Cabinets & Simplified Method of labeling doors and windows

29 Plumbing Components Double kitchen sink - 32” x 21”
(Need 36” wide cabinet) Bathroom sink - 19” x 16” (Need 24” cabinet) Toilet space - 24” clear space in front Code is 30” open space What if in closet? What if between wall and cabinet? What if between tub and cabinet? Tub/ Shower combo - 30” x 60” Soaker tub – 36” x 60” or 72” Shower - 36” square min. Washer/Dryer - 30” square What size door should a laundry room have then?

30 Bathrooms Extend wall 2” past for rounded corners 5’0” x 2’-6”

31 Bathrooms

32 Rounded Sheetrock Corner Problems
Bathrooms Kitchens Closets

33 Laundry Rooms/ Bedroom Closets

34 Stairs

35 Stairs Stairs Width between 36” and 42” Tread/ Run =width 10” Minimum
Riser = height 7.75” Maximum Spiral stairs must have adequate headroom and all risers must be equal height and smallest portion may not be smaller than 6”

36 Stairs on the Floor Plan
DN = Down, UP = Up, R = Risers Rise is one riser and Run is one tread Always one less run than rise Stair length = tread length X number or runs Landings are at least 36” x 36” Stairwell opening can cover up to 1 ½ steps without having to angle Calculating the stairwell opening required: 6’-8” = 80” Max rise = 7.75” 80/7.75= 10.3 or 11 risers 11 x 10 runs = 110” or 9’-2”

37 Typical Stair Detail

38 Hallways on Floor Plans
Hallways provide access to various areas May be long or short Length and number should be minimal May be a unique part of the design Minimum finished width should be 36"

39 Fireplaces

40 CAD Symbols made easy! Floor-plan symbols can be placed using the AutoCAD Design Center or Tool Palettes Use correct layers when inserting symbols

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