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3 STAIRS STAIR – a series of steps, each elevated a measured distance, leading from one level of a structure to another. “Flight of Stairs” – a continuous series of steps without breaks formed by landings or other constructions

4 STAIRS Types of Stairs Main Stairs Straight Run, Platform, and Winding Service Stairs Stairways are usually not built or installed until after interior wall surfaces are complete and finish flooring has been laid.

5 Stair Terminology Stairwell – the rough opening in the floor above to provide headroom for stairs Stringer – one of the inclined sides of a stair that supports the risers and treads Riser – the vertical surface between two treads Tread – the horizontal face of one step

6 Stair Terminology Nosing – the part of the tread that extends over the riser beneath it Newel – the post that supports the railing Handrail – an angled piece supported by a wall or railing intended to be grasped by persons Balusters – vertical members supporting the handrail on open stairs

7 Stair Terminology Platform – a horizontal area placed between to flights of stairs Landing – the floor at the top or bottom of each story where a flight of stairs begins or ends Winders – Wedge-shaped treads installed where stairs turn Unit Run – the width of a tread minus the nosing

8 Stair Terminology Unit Rise – the height or a riser; vertical distance between two treads Total Run – the sum of all unit runs Total Rise – the sum of all unit rises Headroom – the vertical distance from a step to a ceiling above


10 Rough Opening The rough opening for the stairwell must be carefully laid out and constructed Trimmers and headers should be doubled for support

11 Stair Code

12 Stair Layout Measure total rise (from landing point)
Decide on number of risers based on 7” to 7 ½” risers (unless special circumstances prevent this) Divide total rise by # of risers for riser height Subtract # of risers by 1 for # of treads Set stair jacks on framing square and trace onto stringer Add and subtract as needed for top and bottom to adjust for actual floor heights

13 9’ 2” 9’ 2” = How many inches total rise? 110”
What is the standard height of a step? 7” to 7 ½” Divide total rise by standard riser height 110” / 7” = 15.71 110” / 7 ½” = 14.6 So… 15 risers and 14 steps 110” / 15 = 7.3” = single riser height And standard 11” tread w/ nosing 9’ 2”

14 15 Risers 14 steps 7.3” riser 11” step


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