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KOMODO DRAGON King of the Lizards By: EA

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1 KOMODO DRAGON King of the Lizards By: EA

2 INTRODUCTION Name is Komodo Dragon It is in the Monitor/Ora family
It is a reptile Scales protect dragon Lives up to 50 years old in the wild Only about 500 Komodo Dragons left

3 Physical Features It looks like a mini dragon Scale instead of skin
Scales are bumpy Eyes on the side of their head Holes on the side of their head are ears Two small holes on the dragons snout are nostrils

4 HABITAT Komodo Island is near Indonesia Forest 22 miles long
12 miles wide One of the biggest islands near Indonesia

5 CLIMATE and LANDFORMS 100 degrees to 110 degrees Some mountain ranges
Little rain fall Lots of streams It is covered in volcanoes It has earthquakes sometimes

6 PREY AND PREDATOR It is a carnivore Sits and waits for its prey
When prey comes they pounce on it It eats from the sizes of a hand to buffalo They are prey of human and other dragons Komodo Dragons have no enemies—they have no predadores

Stick tongues out to smell Sit in their burrow most of day which helps them stay cool Run up to 8 mph which helps them catch their prey When needing heat it sits in the sun When needing to cool off it sits in the shade Sleeps in its burrow so that it stays protected.

8 BABIES Hatch from eggs 10 to 27 eggs 18 monthes to hatch
Egg is big as baseball Soft shell 16 inches when they hatch

9 PHYSICAL ADAPTATION Baby has spots for camouflage
Dark color soaks up sun so they don’t get overheated The long tongue helps them smell prey Claws help them grasp their prey Eyes on the side of their head help them see all around

Small teeth helps them tear meat No taste buds helps them eat anything even if it tastes bad Mucus helps swallow Special stomach helps them digest animals bigger than themselves. Poisonous germs kill prey quickly.

11 FUN FACT Biggest lizard Protected since 1915 Sometimes eats humans
Another name is Oras Red spit Mouth has poisonous germs

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