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COBRAS by Zachary Jones.

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1 COBRAS by Zachary Jones

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
Mammals Fish Reptiles Birds Amphibians

3 Cobras have certain characteristics that make them Reptiles.
Here are some attributes: They have scales not fur. They have dry skin. They can either have four legs or no legs. Reptiles usually lay eggs. Cobras and all reptiles are cold-blooded. They have ear holes instead of ears.

4 Diagram

5 Did you know a king cobra has so much venom it can kill a elephant?
After reading about snakes and cobras, I am going to tell you how the king cobra’s adaptations have helped it survive in its habitat.

6 How do king cobras catch their prey?
First, the king cobra will just strike at their prey and will inject venom. Its venom is so strong it can make the prey’s heart stop beating and paralyze their prey. This adaptation helps them swallow their prey whole. They swallow its prey by moving each side of its jaw to pull the animal down its throat.

7 What do they do to confuse their enemies?
First, I learned that when cobras do not feel safe they will rise in the air and put their hood on. They flatten their head and it looks like a hood. King cobras have special adaptation because they have a design on the back of their head. It looks like a smile face. If an enemies is trying to sneak up on him, he will be surprised and think he is looking at his front when he really is looking at the back of the cobra. The cobra could move away and look like it is running backwards.

8 Do you think this is a amazing fact?
Did you know that just a spoon full of a new born cobra’s dried venom can kill 160,00 mice? That is quite an adaptation. I have seen many snakes in my life.

9 Cobras Weaver birds have to build nests high in trees because predators will eat the baby birds and eggs. One adaptation a South African cape cobra can use is to use their scales to climb large trees. They also use their camouflage to disguise themselves. This helps the cobra climb up to the weaver bird’s nest to snatch the baby birds or eggs for dinner.

10 How have cobras adapted to survive in their environment?
The king cobra has adapted to its environment by finding caves to hide in. The cave provides much needed shade in the hot sun. The cobra and the King cobra both have the same adaptation. They blend into their surroundings to hunt for prey and to help them not be eaten by their enemies, the mongoose.

11 Adaptations to find a mate
The male can smell a female. On the other hand, the female does not have that power to smell females or males. The male cobra stays with the female and the eggs. They take turn watching the nest.

12 How has man affected the king cobra?
Man has killed the king cobra for their skin and has destroyed their habitat. The man will go over their habitat to make houses.

13 How do cobras hide? Their body covering can look like the same thing that they hide on this is called camouflage. They will strike at the right time.

14 In conclusion In conclusion, the cobras has adapted to live successfully in their environment. They are an endangered animals. We need to help them by not destroying their habitat. in my opinion, king cobras are cool snakes because of their hood.

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