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Komodo Dragons!!!!! They eat meat!!! BY: JAMES . M !!

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1 Komodo Dragons!!!!! They eat meat!!! BY: JAMES . M !!

2 Introduction The scientific name is Varanus Komodoensis.
It is the world’s largest lizard Dragons live up to 50 years There are only 5,000 left on Earth! There is only one type of Komodo Dragon

3 What Dragon Look Like Komodo Dragons: They look like big crocodiles
grow to 11 feet long and are longer than an alligator weigh up to 300 pounds Have gray, scaly skin which is wrinkly and disgusting Bodies are low to the ground, almost touching the ground Have four short, stubby legs Very long tail and usually the same length as their body Very sensitive scales that are connected to their nerves

4 More How They Look Their head is long and similar to a dog’s head
Their face is flat Nose is on the front of their head Two eyes on the side of their head Their ears are holes in the sides of their head Long claws and the feet look like our hands

5 Where Dragons live “The komodo dragon is found only on the islands of central Indonesia, including Komodo, Rinca, Florece and Gili Montag”. They live in dense forests and tropical rainforests The average temperature on these islands are 100 degrees-these are the hottest places on Earth It never snows on Komodo Island

6 Landforms komodo island is very small One half of the year is wet
The other half of the year is dry Komodo has a volcano on it ! There is a rain forest There a lot of mountains

7 Dinner Time with Dragons!!
Dragons are carnivores Dragon eat every animal that has meat Dragons get their food by hiding near a path then they pounce If the prey does not die, the dragon’s venom kills them

8 Prey and predator Prey to… Predator to… Other komodo dragons! Deer
Other dragons And every other animal on Komodo Island And humans!!!!!!!

9 Behavior Dragons live alone They live in burrows-holes in the ground
they hunt in a group They fight each other for food Run around for fun

10 Babies Dragons leave the eggs on their own.
They come out of the eggs ready to hunt They spend most of their time in the trees Mommy dragon lays up to 12 eggs Dragons are 18 inches big in the eggs Even the babies are poisonous

11 Physical Adaptations Dragons re-grow as many teeth as it wants which helps it Dragons can survive with 1% food that they really need. It’s like cheating!!! This helps them Dragons have retractable teeth which helps them Dragons have grey scales so they can blend in with the shade They blend in and are then able to sneak attack their prey.

12 Behavioral Adaptations
When a dragon gets over heated it pats like a dog Dragons sometimes climb trees to get away from other dragons Dragons fight for food , females and to be the leader of the hunting group that means the when they run out of food the leader is less likely to get eaten

13 Komodo Dragons Insides!! How it helps them adapt!
A Komodo Dragon uses their tongue to smell which helps them smell dead and live animals so they can find their prey. They have huge muscles in their tail so they can stand on their tail and use it to fight Dragons have a type of venom that can kill a full-grown adult which helps them catch larger prey Dragons have venom tubes in their mouths to produce more venom ‘’Dragons have 6 senses: this sense commonly called vomero-nasal is a sort of a combination of smell and taste.’’ It helps them to understand predators and prey around them.

14 1000% TRUE DRAGON FACTS!!!! Dragons can stand on their tails!!
If another dragon poisons it, the dose does not kill them. They won’t get hurt!! Dragons have a third eye on the top of its head it doesn't work like a normal eye it stars up at the sky of Corse it got blind after a while but it is very good at sensing stuff!!!!! If a dragon bites down it can brake its on jaw!!

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