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By: Caroline Ms. Weinberg

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1 By: Caroline Ms. Weinberg
Leopard Gecko By: Caroline Ms. Weinberg

2 Leopard Gecko

3 Why I Chose My Animal? I like my animal because it’s an animal that I never herd of. I also like my animal because it has leopard skin witch is my favorite kind of skin.

4 Appearance Leopard geckos have many characteristics. Leopard geckos have a fat tail every winter because they store fat in their tail to stay healthy in the winter. Leopard geckos are 7-9 inches long. Leopard geckos have thin toes so they can climb trees. This is what a leopard gecko looks like to survive in the wild.

5 Habitat Do you know where a leopard gecko lives? A leopard gecko lives in Western India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Leopard geckos are usually found in those areas because they survive in hot places. Leopard geckos also go in grasslands because they blend in so they can catch their prey easily with their long tongues. With all these cool habitats leopard geckos have many good chances to blend in and catch their prey.

6 Diet Leopard geckos eat different things in the zoo and in the wild. In the wild leopard geckos eat little insects, fruit and spiders. They also eat this in the wild: other small lizards, snails and bird eggs. Leopard geckos in the zoo eat mealworms and crickets most of the time. Well, now you know a leopard gecko needs different kinds of food to survive in the wild and the zoo.

7 Family A leopard gecko has a little and unique family. Once a leopard gecko is 1 years old they have babies. Sometimes they don’t have babies. Leopard geckos have 1 or 2 eggs and do 5 months breeding. The reason why they do 5 months breeding is so the babies are nice and healthy. It takes 55 days for a baby leopard gecko to hatch out of its egg. Many people think that is so easy to take eggs from a leopard gecko, but leopard geckos put this kind of poison or something like that so it stings the predator away.

8 Predator/ Prey/ Adapt Leopard geckos are prey to lots of animals and also hunt for insects and tiny animals. Bigger lizards can eat leopard geckos like a komodo dragon or at least 28 inches shorter. Sometimes when a female has babies and it’s with a male the male could eat the babies. Leopard geckos live in burrows and under rocks for a reason their hiding from their predators so they stay safe. They usually hunt for tiny lizards, spiders and flies. A leopard gecko’s tail falls off so the predator will run away. The leopard gecko will grow its tail back in a month or 2. With all these protections they use makes the predators go away so they’re safe.

9 Interesting Facts Leopard geckos have many interesting facts. Leopard geckos have very good eyesight like a cat and it’s better than any other lizard in the whole world. Leopard gecko’s thin toes make it easy to walk and climb trees. They shed their tails when they get scared and it scares the predator away. That is all the things a leopard gecko looks like to and scare predators away.

10 Photo Gallery

11 About The Researcher My name is Caroline Sheehan. I live in Kenmore, WA with my family plus my dog and cat. I am in 2nd grade student at Moorlands Elementary. I love playing soccer, writing, recess and swimming with my family. I can’t wait until were going to the zoo because I want to see the leopard gecko do its stuff!

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