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But where does the energy come from????

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2 But where does the energy come from????

3 An Introduction to Photosynthesis
Parts of a Plant An Introduction to Photosynthesis

4 Parts Of Plant – Photosynthesis
Materials Needed by Plants for Photosynthesis: Water, Carbon Dioxide CO2 , and Sunlight. Materials Released by Plants in Photosynthesis: Oxygen and C6H12O6 (Glucose).

5 Functions of the Roots Supply plants with water and minerals absorbed from the soil. Support and anchor the plant. Roots store surplus food made during photosynthesis.

6 Parts of the Roots Xylem – Brings water and minerals into the plant for photosynthesis. Phloem – Carries glucose from the leaves to the root cells.

7 Function of the Stem Support body of the plant.
Transport glucose and water throughout the plant. Some store materials.

8 Parts of the Stem Xylem – Carries water and minerals
Phloem – Glucose and minerals

9 Drawing of Stem- Including Xylem and Phloem
Xylem carries water and minerals to all parts of plant. Phloem carries food from leaves to other parts of plant.

10 Function of the Leaves The leaf captures sunlight and makes glucose through Photosynthesis.

11 Parts of the Leaf Stomata – Opens and closes to allow carbon dioxide and oxygen in or out. Cuticle – Waxy outer layer to prevent lose of water. Mesophyll – Layer of leaf where photosynthesis takes place. Cuticle Stomata Mesophyll


13 How do Materials Get into and Out of the Plant?
Water – Xylem Carbon Dioxide – Stomata Oxygen – Stomata Glucose - Stored


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