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Parts Of Plant – Photosynthesis

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1 Parts Of Plant – Photosynthesis
Materials Needed by Plants for Photosynthesis: Water, Carbon Dioxide CO2 , and Sunlight. Materials Released by Plants in Photosynthesis: Oxygen and C6H12O6 (Glucose).

2 Functions of the Roots Supply plants with water and minerals absorbed from the soil. Support and anchor the plant. Roots store surplus food made during photosynthesis.

3 Parts of the Roots Xylem – Brings water and minerals into the plant for photosynthesis. Phloem – Carries glucose from the leaves to the root cells.

4 Function of the Stem Support body of the plant.
Transport glucose and water throughout the plant. Some store materials.

5 Parts of the Stem Xylem – Carries water and minerals
Phloem – Glucose and minerals

6 Drawing of Stem- Including Xylem and Phloem
Xylem carries water and minerals to all parts of plant. Phloem carries food from leaves to other parts of plant.

7 Function of the Leaves The leaf captures sunlight and makes glucose through Photosynthesis.

8 Parts of the Leaf Stomata – Opens and closes to allow carbon dioxide and oxygen in or out. Cuticle – Waxy outer layer to prevent lose of water. Mesophyll – Layer of leaf where photosynthesis takes place. Cuticle Stomata Mesophyll

9 How do Materials Get into and Out of the Plant?
Water – Xylem Carbon Dioxide – Stomata Oxygen – Stomata Glucose - Stored

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