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How Do Plants Produce Food?

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1 How Do Plants Produce Food?

2 What are the basic parts of the plants?
Roots, stems, leaves

3 What are the two main jobs of ROOTS?
Anchor the plants Take in water and nutrients

4 Explain the two different types of roots.
Desert Plants: Have roots that spread out. Dandelions: Have one main root to reach deep underground.

5 What is the job of the stem?
Support a plant and enable its leaves to reach the sunlight.

6 Explain the two different types of stems.
Smaller plants: flexible, green stems (Live for 1 year) Larger plants: stiff, wooden stems (Live for many years)

7 What is the one main job of the LEAVES?
To make the food for the plant

8 What is the outer layer of the leaves called?

9 What is the job of the epidermis?
Keeps leaves from drying out

10 What does the upper epidermis do?
Helps keep water in.

11 What is the lower epidermis called and what does it do?
Called stomata Open during day to take in carbon dioxide and make food Closed at night to keep the plant from drying out

12 What is the loss of water through leaves called?

13 What connects to the tubes in the stems, are found in the center of most leaves, and they help food and water move within the leaf? veins

14 What is the process in which plants use water from the soil, carbon dioxide from the air, and energy from the sunlight to make food? photosynthesis

15 What is the job of chloroplasts?
Only cells with chloroplasts can make food

16 What green pigment, or coloring matter, is located in the chloroplasts?

17 What enables a plant to absorb light energy so that it can produce food?

18 What percent of oxygen you breathe is produced during photosynthesis by plants and plantlike protists? 90%

19 Explain the steps of photosynthesis.
Sunlight provides energy for plants to make food.

20 Plants take in carbon dioxide.

21 Leaves release oxygen through stomata.

22 Chlorophyll absorbs energy from sunlight.

23 Food is stored in leaves, stems, seeds, and roots.

24 Roots take in water

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