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M249 Saw Squad Automatic Weapon 5.56mm TM

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1 M249 Saw Squad Automatic Weapon 5.56mm TM9-1005-201-10
TM &P FM 23-14 Squad Automatic Weapon mm

2 M249 SAW, 5.56 mm Purpose of Equipment: M249 machine gun is designed as a fire team automatic weapon, to make contact with and destroy enemy. The M249 machine gun can be used as a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) or, as a Light Machine Gun (LMG). It can be fired from the shoulder, or hand-held position, bipod steadied position, tripod mounted position, or from pedestal ring mount position.

3 M249 SAW, 5.56 mm The M249 SAW is: Belt-fed, Gas operated, Air-cooled, and Fires from the open bolt position. Rifling is: Right hand twist, 1 turn in 7 inches. Sights: Front………….Semi-fixed hooded post type. Rear……Fully adjustable peep type for elevation & windage

4 M249 SAW, 5.56 mm Range Maximum…………...3600 meters
Maximum effective…1000 meters Rate of Fire: (new style barrel) Cyclic……………...……850 rd./min. Sustain (3-5 round burst)…50 rd./min Rapid (8-10 round burst…100 rd./min.. Note: Rate of Fire for old style barrel was controlled by gas regulator setting.

5 M249 SAW, 5.56 mm Components Cocking Handle Assy Heatshield Assy
Buttstock & Buffer Assy Receiver Assy 100 or 200 rds Magazine container Trigger Assy

6 M249 SAW, 5.56 mm Components Cover & Feed Mech. Assy Barrel Assy
Front Sight Rear Sight Assy Bipod Assy Feed Tray Assy Hand Guard Assy Sling Assy (not shown) is also a component to the weapon.

7 Cover and feed Mechanism assembly.
-Provides support for sight and feeds linked belt ammo and holds cartridges in position for stripping. Gas cylinder Assembly: -locks bipod in place & provides passage-way for operating gases. Old style Hand guard assembly New style

8 Slide assembly Bolt assembly: -houses firing pin & roller assembly -provides feeding, stripping, chambering, firing, & extraction, using projectile gases for power. Piston assy: -holds bolt & slide assy & houses the return spring. Drive spring: -provides power to piston assy for moving slide & bolt assy forward. -power from propelling gases to bolt & slide assy moves recoiling parts rearward.

9 Return rod & transfer Mech assy (new style)
-absorbs recoil for bolt, slide & piston Operating rod assembly (0ld style): -transfer recoil pressure to buffer in buttstock -assembly is repairable & may be disassembled at organizational maintenance. -non-repairable

10 Bolt Assembly Bolt Spring Extractor Pin Guide
Note: Mandatory replacement of all 4 parts, if extractor is taken apart for any reason. Extractor Pin All Bolt Assembly should be replaced with the new style that has the face of the bolt modified with a cut-out that aids in extracting the cartridge case.

11 Cartridge Ejector Ejector Left side of Receiver Spring
Note: Tip of ejector must be well defined to ensure proper ejection. Cleaning rods can easily damage ejector tip when they are used to assure weapons are cleared on ranges.

12 Trigger mechanism assy.
-houses the trigger,sear, safety & controls the firing of the machine gun. Safety: Red ring visible Ready to fire Red ring not visible on safe.

13 Carrying Handle -fixed(non-folding) Old Style Barrel
Flash Suppressor - minimizes muzzle flash Gas Regular -is a two-position control to change the cyclic Rate setting. Carrying Handle - is adjustable. Compensator - minimizes flash, reduces & lessens muzzle climb. New Style Barrel Gas Regulator - has no effect on cyclic rate.

14 Buttstock and Buffer Assembly
New style Buttstock - Solid molder design containing a hydraulic buffer. - Collapsible buttstock with buffer, which can change the overall length of the machine gun. Stock Gun, Shoulder: M5 Old style Buttstock - Light weight tubular design with plastic web. Contains no hydraulic buffer.


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