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Marchants Hill 22 nd -24 th April 2015 Parents information Tuesday 31 st March 3.30pm.

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1 Marchants Hill 22 nd -24 th April 2015 Parents information Tuesday 31 st March 3.30pm

2 Who’s going? Staff accompanying the 42 Y4 children will be... Miss Kneller – Party Leader Miss McCann Miss Day Mrs McElduff – First Aider Mrs Norman Miss Conway Mr Boakes

3 When do we go? We will leave school on Wednesday 22 nd April at about 10.30am. Children will need to: - Come to school for 10am -bring a packed lunch -wear home clothes!

4 What do we do while we are there? Abseiling Zip Wire Aeroball Jacob’s Ladder Giant Swing And more!

5 Safety at PGL PGL has an excellent reputation and has been hosting groups successfully for more than 50 years. All instructors are highly qualified. Rules and procedures are shared before every activity – the children will become experts in putting on and taking off their harnesses! All PGL staff are First Aid trained. All Staff are DBS checked.

6 Night Time Boys and girls are in separate dormitories. We try to make sure children are in a room with at least one of their friends. Staff are in rooms adjacent to the children and the children will know where we are if they need us at any time.

7 What do parents need to do before we go? Complete Medical form Medicines including travel sickness Write a letter Pocket money (in a named wallet/purse)

8 What clothes should I pack? OLD CLOTHES -2 jumpers/fleeces -3 pairs of old trousers (not jeans) -3 or 4 t-shirts -Waterproof coat -Plenty of socks -2 pairs of old trainers (in case 1 pair gets very muddy) -Underwear

9 Other items to bring Sleeping bag and pillow Wash bag Towel Labelled, strong plastic bags for wet/muddy clothes on our return journey Plastic bottle for water Girls need hair ties Cuddly toy!

10 What not to pack! Brand new or expensive items Jewellery Aerosols Electrical items including mobile phones and handheld games devices (they will be confiscated for the duration of the trip!) Food/sweets – we have treats/snacks covered!

11 Behaviour We want the trip to be a hugely enjoyable experience for your children. We hope you will support us in stressing the importance of good behaviour while we are away and the need to listen and show good manners at all times to everyone they meet. If a child were to behave in an unacceptable way, for the safety and wellbeing of the group as a whole, we would contact their parents to come and collect them.

12 When do we come back? We leave the centre at approximately 1pm on Friday 24 th April so aim to be back at school for 3pm. We will phone school on our way back so they will be able to text families an update on our estimated time of arrival.

13 Any Questions?

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