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Year 7 PGL Weekend Friday 4 th – Monday 7 th April 2014.

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1 Year 7 PGL Weekend Friday 4 th – Monday 7 th April 2014

2 Why are we going? To have the opportunity to get to know each other. To improve our communication skills and our ability to work in a team. To enjoy some different outdoor physical activities.

3 Where are we going? A PGL Centre Boreatton Park, Staffordshire (Near Shewsbury)

4 Travel

5 How will we get there? Departure 2pm Friday 4 th April 2014 –Come to school in your own clothes that are suitable for a working day at school. –Bring your bag, sleeping bag and pillow to the dance studio as you arrive at school –We will leave school promptly at 2pm. –We will arrive at the centre about 3.30pm. –There are three coaches and the school minibus.

6 Coach Rules No chewing/ bubble gum Drinks must be in re-sealable containers i.e. not cans or cartons You must follow instructions from school or coach staff immediately You will need to remain in the same seat for the duration of the journey

7 Return to School Approximately 3:15 pm Monday 7 th April 2014 If there is any change it will be announced on the school website

8 Activities

9 Over the four days we will be: Raft Building Giant Swing High Ropes Problem Solving Zip Wiring Abseiling Trapeze Climbing Wall Playing Games

10 Equipment

11 What to bring Take plenty of clothing in case of wet weather (these are guidelines). Clothing should be old. Nightwear Underwear Socks, including over ankle length 2 or more fleeces / Sweatshirts / jumpers 3 T-shirts 1 Long sleeved T-shirt 3 pairs of old trousers (not jeans) 2 for activities, one for evening 2 pairs of shorts 2 pairs of trainers (1 for wet activities that you would be happy to get totally wet and another to wear outdoors) 1 pair of shoes or pumps for indoors Waterproof jacket Baseball cap / Hat Swimwear 1 set of Disco Clothes

12 What to bring Other Essentials Sleeping bag & pillow Wash bag (soap & toothbrush etc.) 2 Large towels Torch & batteries Plastic bottle for drinks Sun cream Pen & paper Small Bag/Rucksack Labelled plastic bags / bin liners (for wet items)

13 What not to bring? Do not bring: Expensive Cameras MP3/ music players Mobile Phones (These are not fully covered by our school insurance policy and will be carried at pupils’ own risk) Phones should only be used during recreational time. Hair Straighteners/ Hair Dryer Expensive clothes No money is require £10 fund for tuck shop is provided

14 Expectations

15 Conduct on the Trip  You must follow all staff instructions immediately  This includes teaching staff and PGL staff  You need represent the school well  Good manners at all times, Please / Thankyou  You must be sensible and considerate to others.  We will need to work as a team – looking out for all members of the group not just your friends.  You need to participate fully in all activities.

16 Accommodation

17  We are stopping in lodges and in the mansion.  Sleeping arrangements will be in dormitories  4, 5 or 6 students per room in the lodges  10 or 12 students per room in the mansion  We will decide who is with who. The sooner the yellow forms are in the better!!!

18 Activities

19  We will complete all activities in groups.  There are 10 – 12 people per group.  We will decide the groups.  Each group will be lead by a member of PGL staff who students will respect as they would St Peter’s staff.  There will be approximately 10 activities on a carousel basis.  Safety will be our first priority  Teamwork is our second priority  Everybody having a good time is third priority.

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