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Year 6 Residential Kingswood Centre 20th – 24 th October 2014

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1 Year 6 Residential Kingswood Centre 20th – 24 th October 2014

2 Location Kingswood Centre, Grosvenor Hall, Kennington, ASHFORD, TN25 4AJ

3 Staffing At least one Keep Hatch adult with a group and at least 1 Kingswood instructor with each activity. Mrs Wesley Miss Jervis Mrs Cooper Miss O’Neil Other members of staff to be confirmed

4 Arrangements for the day Arrive at school at the normal time(8:40) with a named suitcase and small bag for the coach with top trumps/book/magazine/cuddly toy etc. Come to the big hall. Hand in your completed medication form and medication to a member of staff. (There will be a medication ‘check in’ table at the back of the hall) Please put all medication in a named clear plastic bag. TRAVEL SICKNESS tablets should have been taken at home

5 Arrangements for the day 2 Willow class should wait on the left of the hall to be registered by Mrs Wesley. Mulberry should wait on the right of the hall (by the P.E. cupboard) to be registered by Miss Jervis. All onto the coach at about 9.15 to arrive at the centre in time for lunch. We will phone the school when we arrive safely and a text message will be sent to you (to the number registered with parent mail). A notice will also be put outside on a message board. If you need to contact us or a child in an emergency whilst we are away please do it via the school office rather than the centre.

6 What could we be doing? Activities are selected for; Team building, supporting each other. E.g problem solving Personal Challenge e.g. Leap of faith Adventure e.g. Climbing Early evening e.g. Pool party, camp fire Other favourites include archery, quad biking, abseiling, zipwire and fencing. Update!!! Links to our coastal work. Off site trip to the coast to study rock pools followed by Details of each activity can be found at;

7 Example timetable.


9 What will the food be like?

10 Where will we be sleeping? The rooms are clean and comfortable. We will be allocated rooms containing between 2 and 8 beds. They will all be bunk beds and boys and girls are separate. Children will be asked to suggest 5 friends that they would like to share a room with. We will do our best to ensure that they have at least 1 person from their list in their room with them. However, behaviour and individual needs will mean that the staff will make the final decisions. Children will find out who they are sharing with when we arrive. Teacher’s rooms are dispersed along the same corridor. Please teach your child how to put a duvet cover on.

11 Safety A quote from Kingswood; ‘Safety is always our top priority. That holds especially true for adventure activities. Indoors or out, all of these activities take place in a controlled, safe environment with equipment that is always carefully inspected. All activities only occur under the watchful eyes and involvement of highly trained staff.’ Kingswood are notified of any specific needs our children may have and are first aid trained. We also have our own first aider.

12 What will we need to bring? A kit list is provided. (Not wellies anymore) 2 pairs of trainers! We would suggest old clothes Layers rather than bulky jumpers All activities require long sleeves and socks that cover the ankles (Not trainer socks) Long trousers rather than crops or shorts. Nightline!!

13 Additional information Please do not allow your child to bring a mobile, iPod, DS or anything electronic or expensive. Children can bring a disposable camera or a digital camera you are happy for them to be responsible for. (There is nowhere to lock them away and the teachers will not be looking after them) No pocket money is needed, but we do ask for a £1 contribution to buy the children sweets to eat during the week. Please do not pack any extra sweets or snacks. No jewellery. Please label everything. Extra bags for wet clothes/dirty washing. Please provide a blank, stamped and addressed postcard.

14 Returning home We will be leaving the centre at about 12.30 (after lunch) which means we will be back 3pm approx. We will let the school know that we have left and any traffic problems etc Please check text and news boards outside of school for updates.

15 And finally…… Any questions? Additional information can be found in the parents section on the following website;

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