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Tuesday 8 th July – Friday 11 th July 2014 6p.m..

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1 Tuesday 8 th July – Friday 11 th July 2014 6p.m.

2 Schedule: Tuesday 8 th July – following Bromley Secondary Induction Day, have dinner and arrive at Wickham Common from 5.30p.m. to LEAVE on coach at 6p.m. (tablet if travel sick!) Return on Friday 11 th July at approx. 6p.m. Final Cost £245 - any final instalments by cheque to Wickham Common Primary School by FRIDAY 23 rd MAY Please wear your own clothes!

3 Behaviour: High standards of behaviour are expected to continue before this visit and, even more crucially, during the time at HINDLEAP – Important for your own and others safety. A code of conduct to be signed by parents and children sets clear boundaries. If there is any issue here we are only one hour away!!

4 Medication: Mrs Thorn will take responsibility for medication – she will collect in necessary paperwork, medication and administer as and when required. If your child needs Calpol type medicine then once the medical form is signed we can administer this if needed. In an emergency, East Grinstead hospital is nearby and Hindleap Warren staff are also first aid qualified. We will obviously contact you a.s.a.p. Carry own asthma inhaler – bum bag

5 More sensitive issues: PLEASE come and speak to us or write it on to the medical forms: Homesick Sleep walking (bottom bunk) Bed-wetting Periods for girls

6 Dietary needs: We DON’T need to know which foods you don’t like!! No need to send any extra food! Plenty of tasty food provided, with choice and seconds available. Tuck shop available Wednesday/Thursday evenings (already included in cost so NO extra money needed) Drinks available at centre dining room at any time and if out on an off-site activity instructors take water/biscuits with us!

7 Clothing: Clothing list to take away includes: Waterproofs (jacket + wellies) Other footwear: old trainers + comfy shoes for evening OLD, cheap clothes for daytime activities as listed (NOT jeans!) Can get muddy/damaged on some activities! Towels and swimming costume (x2) NO uniform needed Children to carry own suitcase/holdalls to and from Hindleap (wellies can be better in separate bag tied to case) KNOW what is in your case ! BLACK BIN BAG - dirty clothes inside!!

8 Electrical equipment: Nothing needed (No mobile phones/consoles/hair driers, etc,) Back to basics!!! Life before these items! NO AEROSOLS Cameras – not practical, helpful or necessary, to be carrying these, as each group leader will take a school digital camera to try and catch as many activities as they can. If you really want to take one, then please label a disposable camera, that you can take full responsibility for.

9 Activities: Separate timetable to outline all activities as groups rotate during the 3 days Instructors lead activities – 2 instructors on offsite outings. Fun swimming sessions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings - trained life guard on-site.

10 Groups: Group leaders are: 1. Mr Childs 2. Mr Farbrother 3. Mr Bateson 4. Mrs Thorn 5. Mrs Howard 6. Mrs Stevenson (Mrs Taplin and Mrs Horscroft will share the week as extras) Activity groups between 9 and 10 children with a mix of boys/girls.

11 Rooms: Divided into 2 wings. Boys and girls. 2 shower and toilet blocks per ‘wing’. Each block has key fob security system. Rooms range from 4 – 8 bunk beds. Nearer to the time: Children will be asked to write 3 or 4 names of children that they would be happy to share a room with, and only if absolutely necessary, name any one they CANNOT share with for 3 nights. Parents let us know of any issues here tonight.

12 Other matters: Entertainment: 6 Beech groups on Wednesday evening and 6 Willow groups on Thursday evening, after swimming sessions Children will write a short letter home on Wednesday evening – please include a S.A.E. in suitcase/bag HINDLEAP BOOK - half-term home learning to decorate cover and use sticky back to protect it If there are any major issues at Hindleap Warren we will contact you.

13 Any questions? – please ask us! Thanks for coming tonight!

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