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School Journey 2015 Monday 7 th – Friday 11 th September Broad Haven, South Wales.

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1 School Journey 2015 Monday 7 th – Friday 11 th September Broad Haven, South Wales.

2 What will they gain? To participate in challenging activities that they don’t get a chance to do at home. The opportunity to have a holiday with their friends. The chance to show that they can look after themselves and others. To improve co-operation and team skills.

3 How much does it cost? Insurance Included in cost of trip public liability cancellation due to illness or redundancy medical expenses and personal accident loss of belongings (with restrictions) The total cost: £260, including £10 pocket money.

4 What are the rooms like? Bunk beds in dormitories of various sizes Teaching staff in adjacent rooms Youth Hostel is supervised until 10.30pm Centre locked at 10.30pm Children know how to contact staff

5 What is the food like? Cooked breakfast / Cereals. Packed lunch of your choice. Hot dinner from a menu. Special diets are catered for.

6 Activities Sea Kayaking The Big Pit Coasteering Saint Fagan’s Pembroke Castle Climbing Surfing Coastal Path Walking Bat Walk Meeting our peers


8 Supervision We take this very seriously. Staff will accompany pupils on all activities. Mr Steele + 1 other adult. Every activity is supervised by fully qualified instructors. All YHA staff and instructors have had an enhanced police check.

9 Contact We will telephone school and update the website each day. Contact between parents and children causes homesickness (No mobile phones). Pre-stamped postcards may be used if you wish. Please be here to collect your child.

10 Medical We will administer in good faith but will not assume responsibility. All medicines must be labelled with child’s name and dosage (including inhalers). We send medicine forms out shortly before we go. School reserve right to arrange emergency medical treatment.

11 Code of Conduct Everyone is entitled to a challenging, safe and enjoyable time. I will be polite to everyone. I will not be selfish, but will work as a team. I will support my classmates and look after them. I will have good table manners. I will listen carefully to my instructors and teachers. I will never wander away from the group. I will go to bed and sleep when told to. I will keep myself clean and shower daily. If I have a problem I will tell my teacher immediately. I will be a credit to my school and my parents.

12 The Journey Time of departure will be between 8.30a.m. And 9.30a.m. (exact time will be given closer to the date). Playground can be used for luggage drop. Return at 16.00 – 17.00 hrs (approximately).

13 Typical day 07.30 Get up 08.00 Breakfast 09.00 Morning activity 12.00 Lunch 13.00 Afternoon activity 17.00 Evening meal 19.00 Evening activity 21.00 Bedtime

14 What do I need to bring? Labelled STRONG plastic bags for wet and dirty clothes Wash bag and 2 towels Sun hat and sun cream One suitcase and one rucksack per person Night clothes Daily underwear and spares At least 2 thick jumpers/fleeces At least 3 pairs of old trousers (NOT jeans) Track suits are ideal Shorts Lots of T shirts 2 + 1 pairs of trainers Cap and hat Swimsuit/Trunks Clothes for disco/BBQ (can be combined with travel clothes)

15 What am I not to bring? Sweets/Fizzy drinks Electrical items (PSPs, iPads, iPods, etc.) Mobile Phones

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