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New Game Solutions Team 5 Leadership – Lester Frederick September 2010.

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1 New Game Solutions Team 5 Leadership – Lester Frederick September 2010

2 Mission, Vision, Goals, and Purpose Mission: Solid base of communication and ensure quality amongst our team Goal: To produce quality games to ensure our customer base is satisfied. Purpose: To bring our passion for games to the consumer Vision: To grow as a company through teamwork and passionate employees.

3 Leadership Challenges in the Game Industry Communication Trust Constant Change Confidence Leading multiple groups to work as one team Executing disciplinary action

4 Plan to Overcome Challenges Solid communication Initiative Willingness to learn new things Innovative Constructive feedback and implementation Passion for success Employee recognition

5 The Four Leadership Types Transformational Situational Charismatic Servant There is a place for each type of leader, and a great leader should have a combination of all four leadership types.

6 Transformational Leadership Benefits:  Idealized Influence  Inspirational motivation  Individualized Consideration Negatives:  Best suited to highly educated employees  Conflicting visions with other leaders

7 Situational Leadership Benefits  Use of chart to assist in gauging employee maturity level  More personally involved with employees  Easy to understand Negative  Figuring out the maturity level of your team  Making the wrong judgment about your team can lead to incorrect leaderships styles being implemented

8 Charismatic Leadership Benefits  Inspirational  Ability to motivate a team  Moral builder Negative  Self Sacrifice  Lack of time management

9 Servant Leadership Benefits  Trustworthy  Excellent role model  Empower employees Negative  To much focus on employees  Lack of focus on company vision

10 Integrated Leadership Development Goals Supports Company Vision and Values Meets company set goals Communicates clearly and effectively Creates a positive work environment

11 Target Leadership Traits A proposed leader with the top following traits:  Trustworthy – Reliable, easy to socialize with  Consensus Builder - Gathers information from the group to make decisions  Decisive – Utilizes available information for informed decisions.  Contemplative - careful judgment  Logical - rational and uses careful judgment

12 Week 3 Questions  Were all delegated responsibilities completed by team members? Yes, each team member completed his/her input for leadership type.  Was there an alignment between what team member said and what they did? Yes, everyone has done exactly what they said the would do.

13 Week 3 Questions  What has changed from the original leadership plan? How was it initiated? How was the change led? No major changes occurred during the planning or completion of the project. We changed the tone of the project when we got clarification on what exactly was expected.

14 Week 4 Questions  How can communication be improved? Communication could be improved by using fewer media sources.  Were team members accountable to each other, especially the leader? All team members were punctual and ready for each weekly meeting, and kept the weekly leader informed of any schedule changes.

15 Positive Teamwork Benefits High morale throughout the entire class Everyone trusted one another Entire group accepted responsibility for assigned tasks Everyone provided good leadership and empowered each other during their weeks as group leader

16 Negative Teamwork Benefits We worked so well together that there were never any group conflicts. This is great, but also means no experience was gained in working through a group conflict.

17 Week 4 Questions  Has there been any growth in the leader you were and are now based on personal leadership goals?

18 Week 4 Questions Renee - I have definitely experienced growth throughout the course especially in communication and knowledge of leadership. Hugh – Experienced leadership role and how organization plays a part in leadership as well. Kyle – More of an initiator Kris - Grown more comfortable with group interaction and assigning tasks while in a leadership role.

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