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Composition JEOPARDY The Process InventionPurposes Logical Fallacies Research $10 $20 $30 $40 $50.

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2 Composition JEOPARDY The Process InventionPurposes Logical Fallacies Research $10 $20 $30 $40 $50

3 Answer $10 The Process In this stage the writer must organize his ideas into an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

4 Question $10 What is drafting?

5 Answer $20 The Process Here the writer finds a topic, establishes his purpose and audience, researches, and plans his paper.

6 Question $20 What is prewriting?

7 Answer $30 The Process This step involves checking for errors in spelling, grammar, and mechanics.

8 Question $30 What is editing?

9 Answer $40 The Process In this last stage the writer prepares his work for a written or oral report.

10 Question $40 What is presenting?

11 Answer $50 The Process This stage requires the writer to improve his content, structure, and coherence.

12 Question $50 What is revision?

13 Answer $10 Invention These prewriting strategies help the writer to visualize and organize ideas as he generates them.

14 Question $10 What are charts or webs?

15 Double JEOPARDY How much do you wish to wager?

16 Double JEOPARDY Answer Teachers often help the students to begin with these writing starters.

17 Double JEOPARDY Question What are prompts?

18 Answer $30 Invention The aim of this technique is fluency, and the only rule is to write nonstop for the set length of time.

19 Question $30 What is freewriting?

20 Answer $40 Invention A writer uses for this technique a series of inquiries, such as the five W’s.

21 Question $40 What is questioning?

22 Answer $50 Invention The writer generates ideas in six categories: comparison/contrast, description, analysis, argument, application, and association.

23 Question $50 What is cubing?

24 Answer $10 Purposes The writer presents vivid images through use of sensory details and figurative language.

25 Question $10 What is description?

26 Answer $20 Purposes This writing explains similarities and differences between items or events.

27 Question $20 What is comparison/contrast?

28 Answer $30 Purposes Through use of reason and/or emotion, it is communication that seeks to convince readers or listeners to adopt an opinion or follow a course of action.

29 Question $30 What is persuasion?

30 Answer $40 Purposes Presenting steps in chronological order, this writing explains how to do something.

31 Question $40 What is process writing?

32 Answer $50 Purposes This writing tells a story.

33 Question $50 What is narration?

34 Answer $10 Logical Fallacies This appeal calls for readers or listeners to do or think something because it is popular.

35 Question $10 What is bandwagon?

36 Answer $20 Logical Fallacies Through this type of statement, a writer or speaker attempts to divert attention away from the real issue.

37 Question $20 What is a red herring?

38 Answer $30 Logical Fallacies Such an argument seems to lead to a logical conclusion but actually takes the reader or listener back to the argument’s beginning, merely repeating an opinion in different words.

39 Question $30 What is circular reasoning?

40 Answer $40 Logical Fallacies This faulty reasoning assumes that because one incident happened before another that the first caused the second.

41 Question $40 What is cause-and-effect fallacy?

42 Answer $50 Logical Fallacies This form of oversimplification states that there are only two alternatives, ignoring other possibilities.

43 Question $50 What is either/or reasoning?

44 Answer $10 Research This alphabetical list includes complete publication information about each of the writer’s sources.

45 Question $10 What is the Works Cited page?

46 Answer $20 Research On these the writer records information in the form of quotation, summary, or paraphrase.

47 Question $20 What are note cards?

48 Answer $30 Research In this form of dishonesty, a writer uses the words or ideas of another person without giving proper credit.

49 Question $30 What is plagiarism?

50 Answer $40 Research This part of the process employs several levels of subheadings to present ideas from research in a formal format.

51 Question $40 What is an outline?

52 Answer $50 Research This one sentence presents the main idea of a paper, explains the writer’s opinion, and prepares readers to understand how one arrived at that opinion.

53 Question $50 What is the thesis?

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