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What is the writing process? How does it improve our writing product.

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1 What is the writing process? How does it improve our writing product.

2 The Writing Process Generate Ideas Outline FINAL PRODUCT Draft Edit

3 The Writing Process 1. Generate Ideas (Brainstorming, Clustering; Free writing) 2. Outline 3. First Draft 4. Revision (Essay Checklist; Proof Reading; Transitional Words) 5. Final Draft

4 Generating Ideas or Exploring a Topic
Brainstorming: This method involves the discussion of ideas as they occur. This can be done individually or with a partner or even a group. Freewriting: This method uses stream of consciousness to explore possible topics. Clustering: This technique uses a visual scheme to generate and organize ideas (also called webbing)

5 Creating a Thesis After you have explored a topic, it is now time to create a THESIS. A thesis is “statement or position advanced by argument or explanation.” A strong thesis will: a. Express one main idea, b. Be Specific, c. Justify Discussion, d. Take a Stand. By writing a strong thesis statement you focus your subject and give your reader a clear idea of what will follow in the essay.

6 Method of Development Once you have gathered the necesssary information for your paper, you must organize it so that it is presented in a way that makes sense to the reader. Examples: Chronological Spatial Order of Importance Logical

7 The Outline A. Introduction Methods of introducing a topic:
Establishes the main idea of the piece. Methods of introducing a topic: Begin with a single-sentence thesis statement. Begin with a general idea and gradually narrow your topic toward the main idea. Begin with an illustration Begin with a surprising fact or idea. Begin with a contradiction Begin with a direct quotation

8 The Body Paragraphs The body is the main part of the written piece. Organization of the body will vary depending on the type of the written work. It varies in length, but usually consists of several paragraphs. Each paragraphs should include a different supporting point. Regardless of the type of work, paragraphs are used to separate information. Each paragraph must contain only one main idea and it must begin with a topic sentence.

9 Structure of the paragraph
TOPIC SENTENCE Textual Evidence Commentary

10 Conclusion The Conclusion signals the end of the essay and leaves the reader with a final thought. Examples of how you can end your essay: End with a call to action End with a final point End with a Rhetorical question

11 Please read

12 Edited and Revising After the work is complete it must be edited to improve clarity or errors. Before editing your own work, you must take time to gain objectivity. When re-reading concentrate on MEANING and CLARITY and ORGANIZATION. Keep in mind SUBJECT, AUDIENCE and PURPOSE. Conduct a final proof-read for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and typos. Peer-editing is a helpful tool.

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