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Slavery & Abolition Ch 8 Sect 2 Pg 248.

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1 Slavery & Abolition Ch 8 Sect 2 Pg 248

2 Abolition Abolition – the call to outlaw slavery
1820s antislavery societies were advocating for resettlement of blacks in Africa based on the belief that Africans were an inferior race Most free blacks considered America their home Abolition was fueled by preachers like Charles Finney “a great national sin”.

3 Abolitionists William Lloyd Garrison – the most radical white abolitionist. The Liberator Immediate emancipation Founded New England Anti-Slavery Society & American Anti-Slavery Society Core black support Alienated whites *** How did Garrison alienate whites? ***Nationalist or Sectionalist?

4 David Walker Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World
Advised blacks to fight for freedom. Blacks, more willing to compromise joined antislavery societies.

5 Frederick Douglass Born into slavery
Douglass had been taught to read and write by the wife of one of the slave owners. Garrison sponsored Douglass as a lecturer for the American Anti-Slavery Society. Hoped that abolition could be achieved through political actions. Began his own anti-slavery newspaper, named The North Star. *** Nationalist or Sectionalist?

6 Life under Slavery Rural Slavery Urban Slavery Large plantations
Men, women, & children worked from dawn to dusk in the fields. Most slaves worked along side their masters. Urban Slavery Slaves w/ special skills worked in industry. Better fed & clothed *** How did the differences in rural and urban slavery contribute to sectionalism?

7 African Americans in the South, 1860
According to the pie graph, what was the smallest group of African Americans living in the American South in 1860? Under what conditions did 61% of slaves in the South live in? Explain.

8 Nat Turner’s Rebellion
Nat Turner was born into slavery in 1800. A gifted preacher, he believed that he had been chosen to lead his people to freedom. In 1831, he misjudged an eclipse for a divine single from God. He led 80 slaves in a rebellion against 4 plantation owners before being caught & killed. In retaliation, whites killed 200+ blacks. The rebellion caused Southerners to defend slavery even more.

9 Slave owners defend Slavery
Used the Bible “obey your masters” Benefited slaves b/c members of civilized society. Myth of the “happy” slave By 1830s, southern white ministers were speaking against slavery. 1836, Southern delegates adopted a gag rule – prevented the discussion of slavery in Congress Repealed in 1844 *** Abolitionists are leading to… *** Sectionalism is occurring between… *** How is Nationalism leading to the Civil War?

10 Answer the following questions
What is abolition? Who were David Walker and Frederick Douglass, and what did they advocate? What were the similarities & differences between rural & urban slavery? What were the causes and consequences of Nat Turn’s rebellion? What was the result of the debate over slavery in Virginia in 1832? How did the South respond to Nat Turner’s rebellion? What arguments did many southerners use to defend slavery?

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