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Social Reformers: Abolitionists and other activists.

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1 Social Reformers: Abolitionists and other activists

2 Abolitionist: A person who is working to end slavery. Frederick Douglass: Douglass was a former slave who escaped and made his way north. He began speaking out against slavery and even began his own newspaper called the North Star.

3 William Lloyd Garrison: Garrison was one of the most outspoken white abolitionists. In 1831, he launched his own antislavery newspaper called the Liberator. He argued that slavery needed to be ended immediately because it was evil.

4 Grimké Sisters: Angelina and Sarah Grimké grew up in South Carolina in a slaveholding household. They grew to hate slavery and moved to the North to speak out against it. Angelina Sarah

5 American Colonization Society: Wanted to end slavery by setting up a colony in Africa for freed slaves. The name of this colony was Liberia. The colony was ultimately unsuccessful because the vast majority of slaves had been born in America.


7 Th e Underground Railroad: Many abolitionists did not want to wait for the government to deal with slavery. They wanted to put an end to slavery immediately. Some risked being imprisoned or even killed by helping slaves escape. They formed a network called the underground railroad. The most famous “conductor” of the underground railroad was Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave herself. She helped rescue more than 300 slaves over 19 different trips to the South.


9 The Hunters of Men Oh, goodly and grand is our hunting to see, In this "land of the brave and this home of the free," Priest, warrior, and statesman, from Georgia to Maine, All mounting the saddle, all grasping the rein; Right merrily hunting the black man, whose sin Is the curl of his hair and the hue of his skin! - John Greenleaf Whittier

10 Other Reformers Reform: an organized attempt to improve what is unjust or imperfect in society Dorothea Dix: Fought for better treatment of the mentally ill. Helped establish mental hospitals. Samuel Gridley Howe: Set up first school for blind students. Came up with the first type of brail. Thomas Gallaudet: Education for people with disabilities. Set up a school for the deaf in Hartford, CT. Horace Mann: Fought for better schools. Built more schools, and established colleges to train teachers in Massachusetts. Temperance Movement: Movement against alcohol abuse. Often led by women, encouraged people to drink less. Eventually sought to ban alcohol all together.

11 Horace Mann Samuel Gridley Howe Thomas Gaullaudet

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