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Reform and the Amerian Culture

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1 Reform and the Amerian Culture
Chapter 15 Reform and the Amerian Culture American Nation textbook, pages Powerpoint by Ms. Russo Newgate Prison had terrible conditions

2 1. Reforming the Spirit Social Reform is an organized to attempt to improve what is unjust in society. Their was a political and religious movement toward social reform. Reformers wanted to change the conditions of the United States. During the colonial era, many American Protestants believed in predestination. According to this idea, God decided in advance who would attain salvation after death. The Second Great Awakening occurred in the late 1800’s 1839 Methodist camp meeting

3 During the Second Great Awakening , leaders stressed free will rather predestination to stir religious feelings. Preachers held revivals or huge outdoor meetings.


5 Hospitals and prisons were reformed by Dorothea Dix worked hard to reform conditions in mental hospitals and prisons. Five out of six people in northerners in prisons were debtors, or people who could not pay the money they owed. Soon cruel punishments were banned and debtors were not placed in prison. Dorothea Dix

6 Alcohol abuse was widely spread in the 1800’s, Men, women, and children drank to heavily at weddings, parties, funerals, etc. Alcohol cold be purchased almost anywhere without limits. The Temperance Movement soon began. People, especially women, campaigned against the abuse of alcohol.


8 Education was improved
Education was improved. States set up taxes that supported school districts. Other schools follow New York's lead in education. What is the name of this school?


10 Separate schools were set up for African Americans
Separate schools were set up for African Americans. These schools received less money than white schools.

11 2. Opposing Slavery Religious beliefs led some Americans to oppose slavery in the United States. The American Colonization Society proposed to end slavery by setting up an independent colony in Africa for freed slaves.

12 A growing number of reformers, known as abolitionists, wanted to end slavery in the United States.

13 Frederick Douglass was the best known abolitionist
Frederick Douglass was the best known abolitionist. Douglas was born into slavery and became a free man. He became very famous as a public speaker against slavery. Douglass wrote a newspaper called the North Star.

14 William Lloyd Garrison wrote The Liberator, the most influential antislavery newspaper.

15 The Underground Railroad was a network of black and white abolitionists who secretly helped black slaves to freedom. Harriet Tubman escaped to freedom and returned back down south nineteen times to help others escape to freedom.


17 3. A Call for Women’s Rights
Women had few political rights in the 1800’s. Women could not own property. They lacked social and political rights.

18 Sojourner Truth was born a slave was a great public speaker against slavery.

19 Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton took up the fight against slavery. At the Seneca Falls Convention women demanded equality with men at work, school and church. This convention led to the women’s right movement, led by Susan B. Anthony. Together they fought for the woman’s right to vote.

20 The End

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