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1 The FT’s award-wining Chinese language website targeting China’s business elite

2 Overview is the Financial Times’ Chinese language business news information site serving the mainland China market. Launched in 2005, it has grown to become one of China’s leading sources of international business news and analysis. offers access to the FT’s award-winning news and commentary, giving its users a global perspective with a local flavour. A site refresh in Oct 2009 introduced multi-media content, discussion and blogging functions, and extensive search and archiving capabilities. Busy executives on the go can now access FTC thru various mobile platforms

3 FTC reaches the China’s top business people and decision makers
Monthly pageviews Monthly unique users Registered users Monthly traffic As of may’2012 Average age - 35 years 82% male Highly influential - 51% Business decision makers Highly educated - 82% have bachelor’s degree or above Highly affluent – Monthly income of RMB42,000+ (6 times the professional average in BJ and SH) average total household asset is up to RMB 2.42 million, 52% of which is RMB 1 Mill+ Strong regional exposure – 82% lived or traveled aboard Pursuing a luxury lifestyle – 58% owns 1+ high-end expensive watch, 65% owns 1+ cars Average of 6 trips in a year , 31% flies either first/ business class. Source: Millward Brown 2010 & 2011

4 Degree holder or above +
The Business User at a Glance… FTC reaches China’s top business people and influential decision makers In China 46% 82% ¥42k Directors or above Degree holder or above + Average MPI High Earners RMB42,000 average personal income 52% household assets over RMB$1Million+ Well Educated 82% College Degree + Active investor & Luxury Lifestlyle 29% hired or hiring professional finance consultant 58% owns 1+ high-end expensive watch 54% taking 11 trips on average Gender 82% Male 18% Female Avg. Age 35 Highly-Affluent 61% earning over US$100,000 Active in career advancement 82% have experience living or traveling abroad 77% plans to advance their education 75% wants to study abroad. Mobile Savvy 82% performs daily task (ie. search, , IM etc) through mobile phones Source: MillWard Brown 2010 & 2011

5 About the parent Pearson is the world's leading learning company, providing educational materials and services, business information through the Financial Times Group, and consumer publishing through the Penguin brand. Pearson serves learners of all ages around the globe, employing 36,000 people in more than 70 countries, and is listed on the London and New York stock exchanges. For more information, visit

6 Uniquely FT FTChinese provides Chinese business decision makers with authoritative, independent world business intelligence. FT offers unparalled access to world's business and political leaders such as President Obama, Premier Wen Jiao Bao, Chairman of Lenovo, Mr Liu Chuanzhi, and Zhang Rui Min, CEO of Haier Group. As well as providing in-depth interviews, FT's content moves markets. FTC brings you the best of the FT's Lex Column, and Special Reports on global events that shape the world, from the G20 Summit, to COP15, to Davos. See what world leaders have to say on our video channel with View from the Top, and discover how the world business elite enjoy their downtime with our Lifestyle and 9am to 5pm columns. FTC's unique breadth and depth of coverage create a truly integrated online media platform delivering global business intelligence to an elite Chinese readership. Mr. Li Shufu, Founder and Chairman of Geely Holding Group Special Advisor to the Managing Director of the International Monetary

7 Powerful local insights with global perspective
Exclusive interview with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao by Chef editor of the Financial Times, Lionel Barbar and Editor of, Zhang Lifang, on global financial crisis vs. maintaining the economic sustainability.

8 keeps going strong

9 Co-branded events gathering leadership thoughts
Qingdao Finance Forum (4th) focus on regional economy, concentrate on urban development, expand rapid finance industry and modern service industry by means of Ocean economics in Shangdong Province. A highly engaged Global luxury event sponsored by Rolex focusing on opportunities and challenges with today’s top business women. FTChinese Annual Forum ( )

10 Important issues matter to the
top business people and decision makers in China Some featured content that have received significant positive response and triggered insightful opinions sharing within the banking and finance community on the site… Special report: China Shapes the World Special report: the first decade of the 21st century Special report: Sino-US relations Special report: China property market Special report: Cancún environmental conference Special series: European sovereign debt crisis 2011 Davos Special Report 2011 China Report

11 SOPA 2011 This year’s SOPA (Society of Publishers in Asia) awards, the FT won six honours for its China and India coverage, including excellence in opinion writing and multimedia news presentation. The awards recognise the FT’s unrivalled commitment to high-quality global news reporting, commentary and analysis. Excellence in Opinion Writing Excellence in Opinion Writing ( Excellence in Feature Writing Excellence in Multimedia News Presentation Excellence in Human Rights Reporting Excellence in Reporting on the Environment

12 Excellence in Opinion Writing :’s column - 專欄-剃刀邊緣
An exceptional work on politics and economics with case studies and theories, strong arguments, touching context. Short and "sexy" and daring. A column featured in hosted by 老愚.

13 Awards in China Excellence in Business Reporting awarded by SOPA
Best Growing Media awarded by Nanfang Weekend (2006) Excellent Explanation Report awarded by SOPA Media Website of the Year awarded by New Weekly Excellence in Opinion Writing awarded by SOPA Excellence in Feature Writing awarded by SOPA Best Growing Website awarded by iResearch Pioneer Leadership Award of New Media by iResearch Most Influential Financial Media by China Finance & Finance Media Forum Excellence in Business Reporting awarded by SOPA

14 More efficient, user-friendly site navigation
The Home Page design features an easily navigable skyline, horizontal navigation bar, hot links and cover story links guiding users thru the site, highlighting the most critical and relevant content every hour of every business day Skyline Horizontal Navigation Bar Hot Links Cover Story 1 3 2 4

15 contents by industries
More Channels, higher relevance means better targeting Improved content specialisation, with easy to navigate channels. Over 50+ subchannels specialising in the hottest daily topics: Companies news by categories, from IT to Energy to Logistics In-depth Travel section for business and leisure travellers Beefed up lifestyle sections featuring arts & entertainment, “Indulgence”, “Smart shoppers” and “Smart Spender” etc. Global Markets news with individual sections on stocks, funds, foreign exchange, commodities etc. contents by industries

16 More information resources for career advancement
A full range of business education resources to help you find the best programme for you In a knowledge-driven economy, maintaining and adding to your skills base and that of your employees has never been more important. Featured multi-media contents with highly respected’s business school rankings, based on extensive research with current and former pupils. You’ll also find news and features on the latest developments in business theory and practice, news on education sector developments and much more Demo Only

17 Extensive commentary and analysis from renowed global experts and China columnists
Martin Wolf, associate editor and chief economics commentator at the Financial Times Lucy Kellaway FT’s management columnist Ding Xueliang, political sociologist and influential public intellectual in China Wu Xiaobo, famous finance scholar, Authoritative Expert of Research of Chinese Enterprise

18 Global markets data section on Home page
Enriched data, charts and interactive charts keeping users informed of the latest market movements in global equities, commodities, currencies and bonds 1 3 4 2 Markets Data Section on Home Page Global Stock Charts Currencies Charts Commodities Charts

19 Enhanced Search and Archive Function
Allowing users to efficiently locate desired content by key words, tags, author’s names or publication date. Users can access all of FTC’s archived content from the past 4 years Search by keyword (China Stock) All articles related to China stock will be listed and categorized by news, analysis, feature, video, letters from readers, column or other Search by publishing date ( ) All articles on Sept 23 will be automatically aggregated onto a single page

20 More Personalization New article pages allow FTChinese readers to personalize their online evironment, from font size to background colour 1. Font Size 1 2 2. Background Larger Font Size Article Background in preferred colour

21 More multimedia content
Including improved technology video player, photo slideshows, timelines and interactive maps, graphs, data and rankings “Users’ top 10 article ranking” by day, week and month, across news, video and commentary Video channels Interactive slide show Slide show: “Made in Vietnam, the next global manufacturing base” Interview with Mr.David (Yi) LI, Chairman of UBS China Content ranked by user engagement, feedback and commentary


23 new Lux Avenue – gateway to the Chinese wealthy consumers just launched a new channel called “乐尚街” or Lux Avenue which offers readers profiles and stories about the luxury industry, highlights new trends in luxury products and provides a window into an international designer lifestyle.  “China’s rapid economic growth and rising interest in and consumption of luxury goods, particularly among the business elite and aspiring middle class, means that it’s an ideal time to launch this new section on Through Lux Avenue, we will leverage the Financial Times’ global resources and award-winning glossy ‘How To Spend It’ magazine to bring our readers and clients insightful, high quality content and access to rising trends and leading personalities in the luxury lifestyle sector,” said Angela Mackay, managing director, Asia Pacific, Financial Times.

24 Lux Avenue Exclusive sponsorship package starting at US$11,200/month
Lux Avenue combines the best of the FT’s international luxury coverage with original content for the audience. Stories at launch include a report on the rising popularity of yachting among China’s newly rich and a slide show on the fashion of the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. In addition to coverage on fashion, jewellery, watches, beauty, interior design and luxury travel, Lux Avenue will also feature reports on collecting, food and wine, hotels and celebrities. The channel will be updated every Friday. The channel features a unique look and feel that is brand-new to, with more visual and multimedia presentations as well as photo albums and videos to better showcase products and articles.   Monthly page views: 170,000 Monthly Unique users of 110,000 Exclusive sponsorship package starting at US$11,200/month

25 1. Community Entrance on Home Page
Greater connectivity and media extension – FTC Community and Forum online and mobile FTC brings users together in a topic-based network, encouraging debate and discussion on the most important issues of the day. Exhange investment experiences, share management tips and expand personal and business networks with like-minded business professionals. News and FTC users comments synchoized with major Chinse micro-blogging site online and mobile platform 940,000+ followers on Tencent Weibao 1. Community Entrance on Home Page 1 2 2. Forum Front 312,000+ followers on sina weibao 3 FTC news and users comments synchronized with major Chinese micro-blogging site online & mobile platform 3. Discussion Room

26 FTChinese iPad & Mobile
FTC iPad app 223k downloads (as of May, 2012) 1,200,000 pageviews/month Monthly sponsorships starts at US$58,000 Browse online, or download the FTChinese iPad edition before you leave the house to read offline on your way to work when no connection is available. Access the latest global market data and watch the FT's award-winning video coverage while you are on the run. To reach the ever growing mobile market in China, our newly revamped mobile website provides the latest content to your smart phones and blackberry and is free to air. Daily reach of over 100K subscribers across mainland China delivering latest news updates and commentary from With 630,000 pageviews/month on FTChinese smartphone mobile site Quarterly sponsorship at US$29,000

27 MBA Gym on iPad The Financial Times has launched an MBA Gym app for FT The new Chinese-language iPad application aims to bring business-savvy global insights to decision makers, business managers and MBA students in China. has designed the MBA Gym app as a creative education tool with tailored training courses and special articles from the FT. The training courses comprise a total of 12 sessions categorized by different and timely topics, including the Euro Crisis, Bond Markets and China Property Market. Each training session takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and features include: Insightful observations and analysis from leading global economists and financial professionals Inspirational cartoons and informative graphics An interactive quiz  The new app also offers readers exclusive articles from the FT’s prestigious A-List columnists, including George Soros, Nouriel Roubini and Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator for the FT. All articles are categorized under three sections; “Best from Finance Gurus”, “Best from Economists” and “Best from Global Leaders”, which make it easy and fast for readers to access content they’re looking for.

28 FTChinese Advertising Positions offers an extensive range of cutting-edge advertising formats, and our experienced teams can help you get maximum impact from them. The FTChinese conforms to the Internet Advertising Bureau guidelines on ad unit sizes, offering standard sizes for Leaderboards 728x90, MPUs 300x250 and half-page units 300x600*. We also offer Super Leaderboard 969x90 that expands to 969x400*, Banner under articles 590x90 as well as a Ribbon ad 336x60. *3rd party ad serving is required for expandable, video or other rich media format.

29 Run of Site section pages Run of Site article pages
FTChinese Advertising Positions – CPM Homepage Run of Site section pages Run of Site article pages CPM Rates of the above ad units Available targeting: Section, Province, Day of Time 10% loading for the targeting above respectively 30% loading for produce exclusive 100% loading for rich media (3rd party tag is required and provided by client)

30 Impactful options also offers Impactful ad formats on Homepage such as Homepage Roadblock/ takeover, Intro Ad + Landing Ad, Floating Ad *3rd party ad serving is required for expandable, video or other rich media format. Homepage Takeover: Dunhill Floating ad: Samsung Intro Ad: Bank of Communications Crazy Ad: A. Lange & Sohne Homepage impactful ad format rates available on requests

31 Other Sponsorship Opportunities
Video Sponsorship Section Sponsorship Bespoke Special Report Sponsorship Sponsorship package rates available on requests Bespoke Special Report - Leadership Sponsored by Audi Global News section Sponsored by Fedex Davos Report with Video content Sponsored by Rolex

32 News alert Daily / Weekly Email Sponsorship
Free delivery to ALL FTChinese registered users A summary of links to the highlighted articles of FTChinese every weekday morning and Friday afternoon. Three MPU 300x250 positions in the Daily , two Banner 590x90 in the Weekly More than 80k imps delivered for each ad unit. Daily Weekly Sponsorship Rates (per day) Daily MPU (Top): US$6,000 Daily MPU (2nd): US$5,700 Daily MPU (3rd): US$5,600 Weekly Banner (Top): US$6,000 Weekly Banner (Bottom): US$5,600

33 E-mail Marketing Email List Rental
Stand-alone blast of advertisers message - eDM Delivery rate: over 95%; Open rate: over 20% Filtering available: Business Position, Area of Responsibility, Industry and Province GROSS Cost: US$250 per 1,000 names (10% loading is required for every 1 additional category of filtering) Minimum buy: US$20,000 for eDM only US$10,000 bundle with online ads on (min value of US$3,000 in online ads plus min value of US$7,000 in eDM, or vice versa)

34 Any questions? For further information please contact: Jeffrey Kwan
Associate Director (GCSEA) & (Int’l) Tel: Christine Wong Online Sales Manager Tel:

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