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Using the University's repository Bill Hubbard SHERPA Manager.

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1 Using the University's repository Bill Hubbard SHERPA Manager

2 Open Access What is Open Access? Why is it thought useful? What is the current situation? How can research be made Open Access? –Repositories –Journals

3 Nottingham ePrints first institutional repository in the country recently been upgraded open to any staff member takes in material from any discipline part of the linked global network of nearly 1100 repositories

4 Russell and 1994 Groups University of Bath Birkbeck University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Cambridge Cardiff University University of Durham University of East Anglia University of Edinburgh University of Essex University of Exeter University of Glasgow Goldsmiths Queens University University of Reading Royal Holloway University of St Andrews University of Sheffield SOAS University of Southampton University of Surrey University of Sussex University of Warwick UCL University of York Imperial College King's College London Lancaster University University of Leeds University of Leicester University of Liverpool Loughborough University LSE University of Manchester University of Newcastle University of Nottingham University of Oxford Queen Mary

5 Repositories by continent

6 European Repositories

7 Repository Types

8 home page

9 Using Nottingham ePrints deposit is supplementary to publication gives OA benefits of increased visibility and accessibility no charge for use quick to deposit assistance is available from SHERPA team satisfies most funders OA mandates

10 BBSRC Publications Policy

11 BBSRC Data Policy

12 about OA

13 Depositing material individuals can register and deposit their own material themselves departments or schools can set up local assistance SHERPA team is available to facilitate the process or setting up a local service

14 Beyond access provides persistent URLs for material can feed departmental webpages persistent record of departmental research provide statistics of most popular downloads possible eventual use in RAE-like analysis

15 Two weeks in February

16 Summary Nottingham ePrints is available for all staff The SHERPA team is happy to give advice on any issues and assistance in using the repository


18 Deposit Process...

19 home page

20 deposit 1

21 deposit 2

22 deposit 3

23 deposit 3a

24 deposit 3

25 deposit 4

26 deposit 5

27 Browsing...

28 home page

29 browse

30 browse by author

31 browse

32 browse by department

33 Faculty of Medicine and Health Science

34 School of Biomedical Science

35 The Role of Cannabinoids...

36 pdf


38 Registration...

39 registration

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