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SHERPA & the Nottingham experience Bill Hubbard SHERPA Manager University of Nottingham.

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1 SHERPA & the Nottingham experience Bill Hubbard SHERPA Manager University of Nottingham

2 Background SHERPA Nottingham Current state of play Where we are going High principals to practicalities

3 SHERPA Partners –University of Nottingham –University of Birmingham –University of Bristol –University of Cambridge –University of Durham –University of Edinburgh –University of Glasgow –London LEAP Consortium –University of Newcastle –University of Oxford –White Rose Partnership –The British Library –Arts & Humanities Data Service White Rose Partnership –University of Leeds –University of Sheffield –University of York London LEAP Consortium –Birkbeck College –Goldsmiths College –Imperial College –Institute of Cancer Research –Kings College –London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) –Royal Holloway –Queen Mary –School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) –School of Pharmacy (SoP) –University College, London (UCL) Affiliate Partners Trinity College Dublin Cranfield University University of Exeter University of Leicester University of Liverpool Sheffield Hallam University University of St Andrews CCLRC

4 Russell & 1994 Groups University of Bath Birkbeck University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Cambridge Cardiff University University of Durham University of East Anglia University of Edinburgh University of Essex University of Exeter University of Glasgow Goldsmiths University of Reading Royal Holloway University of St Andrews University of Sheffield SOAS University of Southampton University of Surrey University of Sussex University of Warwick UCL University of York Imperial College King's College London Lancaster University University of Leeds University of Leicester University of Liverpool Loughborough University LSE University of Manchester University of Newcastle University of Nottingham University of Oxford Queen Mary Queens University

5 Repositories by Continent

6 European Repositories

7 Practical Issues Who does the work Who pays for it Academic engagement Institutional engagement Who else is out there Putting stuff in - ok - getting it out? First - Proving the benefit Proving the case

8 Rationale - beyond Declarations Has to serve academics –cultural change to see underlying structure of publication process Prima Facie case for research dissemination Not so clear for Learning & Teaching objects eTheses are prime area for development Academics support concept, but... Perspectives and Policies

9 Ingest - who does the work? Self-archiving –scalable –maintains status-quo Mediated –metadata –processes are difficult –not scalable Mixed economy –scalable –close to users –costs dispersed –needs management

10 Costs - who pays for it? DIY –What functions do you want? –What criteria for success do you have? –How secure is your ground? Turn-key –Longer-term concerns

11 Advocacy - engagement Identify stakeholders –academics as researchers –academics as authors –funding bodies –institutional managers Identify needs Specifically target those needs in advocacy Evangelism, temperance and compromise –repository managers –librarians –publishers –public

12 Academic concerns Subject base more natural ? –institutional infrastructure, view by subject Quality control ? –peer-review clearly labelled Plagiarism –old problem - and easier to detect I already have my papers on my website... –unstructured for RAE, access, search, preservation Threat to journals? –evidence shows co-existence possible - but in the future... ?

13 Issues for academic use Copyright restrictions –approx. 93% (of Nottinghams) journals allow their authors to archive Embargoes –defines relationship of publisher to research Cultural change –like Deposition policies from funders

14 Networking - who else is out there? With repository administrators With national networks With service providers With support service providers With stakeholder groups –academics as researchers –academics as authors –funding bodies –institutional managers –repository managers –librarians –publishers –public

15 External relations SHERPA and bottom-up groups DRIVER, RSP and top-down networks UKCORR and national self-help groups Services –OpenDOAR –RoMEO –JULIET –BASE –OAIster


17 Support for repositories SHERPA SHERPA Plus RSP RoMEO JULIET OpenDOAR Prospero Intute Repository Search DRIVER EThOS, DART-Europe RRT IRIScotland PERX BASE, Oaister DRProg RPProg UKPMC

18 Development arc - ingest Research papers - published Conference papers Book chapters eTheses Research data Learning and teaching materials Grey literature

19 Development arc - use Access –exposure –publication lists –shop-windows –integration with information environment Open Access Re-use support –data-mining –evidence-based work Overlay journals Citation services –integration with library provision –research management –research audit

20 Practicalities Getting stuff in –authors –ingest mechanisms and protocols –resourcing Getting stuff out –basic discovery –re-use –promotion

21 Repositories' Metadata Policies

22 Repositories' Full-text Policies

23 Repositories' Preservation Policies

24 OpenDOAR front page

25 OpenDOAR Tools page 1

26 OpenDOAR Tools page 2

27 Support DRIVER –Mary Robinson –Sophia Jones SHERPA –SHERPA Core Team


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