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Open Access - Where are we so far? Bill Hubbard SHERPA Project Manager University of Nottingham.

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1 Open Access - Where are we so far? Bill Hubbard SHERPA Project Manager University of Nottingham

2 Open Access Giving anyone online free, unrestricted access to research information Increases citations and use for authors Increases profile for institutions Publically funded research made publically available Open Access Repositories Open Access Journals

3 Institutional Repositories Take in articles from staff in any subject-discipline Simple - very simple - metadata created Metadata harvested from repositories worldwide User searches metadata records to locate specific article Rapid, global, free dissemination

4 Building the network Repositories need to be in place Procedures for filling them defined Legal and IPR issues clarified Publicity and advocacy to *all* stakeholders Services - like search - built on top

5 Initiatives and Policies JISC FAIR programme JISC Digital Repositories Programme OSI initiatives Berlin Declaration Scottish Open Access Declaration House of Commons Select Committee NIH policy Welcome Trust Policy RCUK policy

6 Responses Academics –favourable reaction, but few archiving all their work Administrators –cautiously favourable, with growing enthusiasm –further use - eg RAE Publishers - –ALPSP, Publishers Association - concerns for publishers stability –Embargoes –Open Choice, hybrids, attempts at redefinition, et al Libraries...

7 Implications What time-scale are we looking at? Libraries will continue to adopt a decentralised service Journals are not going to disappear Interlibrary loan may diminish for some items RAE will be affected Books largely unaffected - by this, anyway Overall - who is likely to do the work? Curation and provision of information will remain, with new developments

8 How we are involved Repositories in the University –Nottingham EPrints - –Nottingham ETheses - –Nottingham MLPA - Departmental web-sites Advocacy and information Nottinghams involvement with various projects

9 Projects involving Nottingham SHERPA SHERPA Plus SHERPA DP SHERPA/RoMEO Knowledge Bank OpenDOAR EThOS IRS potential projects DRIVER and PLANET

10 SHERPA partners & repositories Birkbeck Birmingham Bristol British Library Cambridge Durham Edinburgh Glasgow Imperial Leeds LSE Kings College Newcastle Nottingham Oxford Royal Holloway Sheffield SOAS UCL York AHDS

11 SHERPA - practical outcomes establishing an archive populating an archive copyright advocacy & changing working habits mounting material maintenance preservation concerns...

12 SHERPA Plus 2 year project to July 2007 for national support advocacy strategies and material for the further population of existing repositories resources, information and advice for all institutions wanting to establish repositories support for repository-level, institutional and national policy development review and analysis of extending repository holdings with datasets, multimedia, grey literature, learning objects and other content types

13 SHERPA Plus Repository Development Support Advocacy Resources Population Extension Establishment Policies Strategies Analysis Information Representation

14 SHERPA DP 2 year project to December 2006 use OAIS model to develop a persistent preservation environment for SHERPA explore use of METS as metadata framework protocols for a working preservation service extend the storage layer of repository software with Open Source extensions Digital Preservation User Guide

15 SHERPA/RoMEO Provides global service (and needs continual updating) Development and Knowledge Bank...

16 OpenDOAR 18 month project to August 2006 survey of Open Access Repositories registry of Open Access Repositories for third party service providers... for end users...

17 EThOS Major national project Universities of Glasgow, Cranfield, Birmingham, Warwick, Southampton, Edinburgh, Robert Gordon; British Library, National Library of Wales, SHERPA Developing the British Librarys theses service Examining centralised and distributed theses provision

18 Other projects... IRS DRIVER PLANET

19 Summary Open Access initiatives now have good momentum Recognition at senior levels Policy development now happening Publishers still uncertain Academics incrementally adopting archiving practice


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