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The SHERPA Project Bill Hubbard SHERPA Project Manager University of Nottingham.

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1 The SHERPA Project Bill Hubbard SHERPA Project Manager University of Nottingham

2 SHERPA aims and outcomes Establish institutionally-based eprint repositories 7 Partners plus 7 Associate Partners –actually 21 partner institutions, plus affiliates Experience –in consortia, maintainance, population Advice –technical, organisational, IPR, preservation Advocacy –strategies, events, materials

3 SHERPA - practical outcomes establishing an archive populating an archive copyright advocacy & changing working habits mounting material maintenance preservation concerns...

4 SHERPA partners & repositories Birkbeck Birmingham Bristol British Library Cambridge Durham Edinburgh Glasgow Imperial Leeds LSE Kings College Newcastle Nottingham Oxford Royal Holloway Sheffield SOAS UCL York AHDS

5 National development Research-led universities adopting research repositories –extension with eTheses, data-sets, multimedia, etc Policy development –from research funders; institutions; departments –level playing field needed for policies to operate effectively National perspective –of repositories, repository holdings –for search and analysis of contents –for UK research on the global stage

6 1994 Group University of Bath University of Durham University of East Anglia University of Essex University of Surrey University of Exeter Lancaster University Birkbeck University of London Goldsmiths LSE Royal Holloway University of Reading University of St Andrews University of Sussex University of Warwick University of York over 50% operational repositories... more on the way...

7 Russell Group University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Cambridge Cardiff University University of Edinburgh University of Glasgow Imperial College King's College London University of Leeds University of Liverpool LSE University of Manchester University of Newcastle University of Nottingham University of Oxford University of Sheffield University of Southampton University of Warwick University College London 16 out of 19 operational... 100% on the way...

8 SHERPA Plus 2 year project to July 2007, for national support advocacy strategies and material for the further population of existing repositories resources, information and advice for all institutions wanting to establish repositories support for repository-level, institutional and national policy development review and analysis of extending repository holdings with datasets, multimedia, grey literature, learning objects and other content types

9 SHERPA Plus Repository Development Support Advocacy Resources Population Extension Establishment Policies Strategies Analysis Information Representation

10 OpenDOAR 18 month project to August 2006 survey of Open Access Repositories registry of Open Access Repositories for third party service providers... for end users...

11 metadata harvesting by Service Providers harvesting

12 research researcher ?

13 metadata harvesting by Service Providers harvesting

14 selective harvesting selective harvesting OpenDOAR eg - UK repositories or - biology archives

15 enhanced harvesting enhanced harvesting OpenDOAR eg - learned society eg - biology archives

16 SHERPA DP 2 year project to December 2006 use OAIS model to develop a persistent preservation environment for SHERPA explore use of METS as metadata framework protocols for a working preservation service extend the storage layer of repository software with open Source extensions Digital Preservation User Guide

17 SHERPA/RoMEO continuing project & under development...

18 Futures... issues Population Extension Establishment National infrastructure Search Policy development Publishing futures Emergence of services and users


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