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SHERPA Jackie Wickham RSP Project Coordinator

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1 SHERPA Jackie Wickham RSP Project Coordinator
Centre for Research Communications University of Nottingham Bill Hubbard, SHERPA July 2005 JISC DigiRep Programme Meeting

2 Background Securing a Hybrid Environment for Research Preservation and Access (SHERPA Project) Original project 2003-Jan funded by JISC and CURL SHERPA Plus OpenDOAR RoMEO and JULIET Repositories Support Project

3 SHERPA aims Establish institutionally-based eprint repositories
7 Partners plus 7 Associate Partners actually 21 partner institutions, plus affiliates Experience in consortia, maintenance, population Advice technical, organisational, IPR, preservation Advocacy strategies, events, materials Bill Hubbard, SHERPA July 2005 JISC DigiRep Programme Meeting

4 SHERPA partners & repositories
Birkbeck Birmingham Bristol British Library Cambridge Durham Edinburgh Glasgow Imperial Leeds LSE Kings College Newcastle Nottingham Oxford Royal Holloway Sheffield SOAS UCL York AHDS Bill Hubbard, SHERPA July 2005 JISC DigiRep Programme Meeting

5 Achievements Network of OAI-PMH compliant repositories
Populated with research outputs and metadata Body of knowledge and understanding accumulated Advocacy strategies developed Better understanding of copyright law – and its complexity! Understanding of authors’ conceptions and misconceptions Gained a respected profile in international OA movement SHERPA Project Evaluation, 2005, CERLIM


7 SHERPA Plus 2 year project to July 2007, for national support
advocacy strategies and material for the further population of existing repositories resources, information and advice for all institutions wanting to establish repositories support for repository-level, institutional and national policy development review and analysis of extending repository holdings with datasets, multimedia, grey literature, learning objects and other content types Bill Hubbard, SHERPA July 2005 JISC DigiRep Programme Meeting

8 OpenDOAR 18 month project to August 2006
survey of Open Access Repositories registry of Open Access Repositories for third party service providers . . . for end users . . . Still here! Bill Hubbard, SHERPA July 2005 JISC DigiRep Programme Meeting


10 Copyright and self-archiving
RoMEO Contains publishers' general policies on self-archiving of journal articles and certain conference series Each entry provides a summary of the publisher's policy, including what version of an article can be deposited, where it can be deposited, and any conditions that are attached to that deposit

11 RoMEO functions Interpretation and clarification of publisher policies
Dialogue with stakeholders, particularly publishers and funders ‘Honest broker’ role Human and machine-readable interfaces


13 66% of publishers allow self archiving

14 JULIET List of funder OA requirements Links to policies
Sorting under various headings



17 Funders

18 Centre for Research Communications
Founded in April 2009 as a University research centre SHERPA services – RoMEO, JULIET, OpenDOAR Includes projects – DRIVER, OpenAIRE, NECOBELAC ..and RSP

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