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Classroom Expectations How not to participat e in 5th grade How to participate in 5th grade.

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2 Classroom Expectations How not to participat e in 5th grade How to participate in 5th grade

3 Classroom Expectations Follow the class rules. Come to class prepared. Quality work Homework completed nightly

4 Classroom Expectations Use of agenda daily including writing assignments and acquiring parent signature Use of binder to file all papers, notes, etc… for each grading period

5 Classroom Expectations Individual responsibility for take home folders Nightly reading for a minimum of 20 minutes Participation and active engagement in daily activities

6 Classroom Expectations Checking web pages and e- mail for updates and other important information

7 Classroom Management We work towards creating a classroom with a feeling of community; where mutual respect is modeled, encouraged, and expected.

8 Classroom Management 1 warning 10 minutes from recess if a rule is broken 2nd time Action Plan and phone call to parents Did you just say time off…. RECESS?

9 Fifth Grade Testing The ITBS and CogAT are no longer given in fifth grade! GA Writing Test – March 3 CRCT – April 14 – 22 *Critical year for Math and Reading

10 Math Overview Numbers and Operations Divisibility Rules, Prime/Composite, Multiples/Factors Place Value Multiplication/Division with Decimals Common Fractions Percentages

11 Math Overview Measurement Formula for Areas of Geometric Figures Pi Capacity Volume of Geometric Solids Geometry Congruence Circumference and Diameter of a Circle

12 Math Overview Algebra Use of Variables for Unknown Quantities in Algebraic Expressions Data Analysis Analysis of Graphs Process Skills Apply Mathematical Concepts and Skills to Solve Problems

13 Practice and Assessment Student Textbook is aligned with GA Performance Standards and allows for both guided and independent practice. CRCT Skills are reviewed in each lesson. This allows students to practice test taking strategies and review previously learned skills. Practice Book is a consumable workbook provided for each student containing content and concept practice.

14 Practice and Assessment Spiraling Review daily review of skills Additional Materials are provided by teacher to supplement program and emphasize key concepts. Online Text/Materials are available to students and parents. Note website at end of program. RTI differentiation of instruction

15 Language Arts Reading/English/Spelling Comprehension Skills/Vocabulary DGP - Daily Grammar Practice Literature Circles – high level comprehension - in and out of class reading and activities Wordly Wise – Vocabulary building program Reading across the content areas

16 Language Arts Writing Writing across curriculum in all genres Spelling – Tests/Grades in writing Preparation for GA Writing Test

17 Earth Science Constructive and Destructive Processes that Shape the Earth The Role of Human Intervention in Controlling these Processes Life Science Classification of Organisms Inherited Traits vs. Learned Behaviors Study of Cells Beneficial and Harmful Microorganisms Physical Science Parts vs. Whole Physical and Chemical Changes Electricity and Magnetism Habits of Mind Exhibiting Science Traits Use of Tools and Instruments Scientific Exploration Communication of Ideas Question and Argument

18 Civil War Reconstruction Industrial Revolution Immigration The Last Frontier Progressives and Reform 1950s and 1960s Vietnam War 1970s and beyond U.S. Government The American Economy WW I The Economic Boom and Bust Era Roaring Twenties WW II Cold War

19 FAQ Will there be required book reports for each grading period? No AR tests may be required at times throughout the year. Individual teachers discretion Reading assignments will be given through Literature Circles. Independent reading time each day for self selected books Students should read at least 25 books or book equivalents this year.

20 FAQ How will I know if my child is having a problem? Parent Portal Reviewing graded work in binders If your child is expressing frustration with a concept to you at home, contact the teacher. Messages in agendas Email Call/email at any time.

21 FAQ Will my child be ready for middle school? Yes! Transition activities with middle school in the spring include visit to RMS, 6th grade ambassadors visiting SBE, counselor lessons, practicing with locks, etc…

22 FAQ How can I help my child at home? Talk with your child about school. Helping with homework is okay. Use Houghton Mifflin website for math, science, and social studies:\eservices settles5classroom settles5 Continue to check and sign the agenda. Reinforce importance of taking responsibility for self. Practice multiplication facts.

23 FAQ All monthly birthdays celebrated on the last Friday of the month Coordinated by room mothers Prepackaged, store bought foods only

24 FAQ What is the BIG field trip Ive heard about in fifth grade? Extended day trip ( 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.) Charter bus More information on destination to come Many chaperones invited

25 FAQ How will my child be graded and assessed? Assessments of standards - tests, quizzes, daily grades, projects Assessments for learning – slate assessments, quick checks, observations Percentage/Letter grades given this year No 1,2, 3, and 4 grades Benchmark Tests – monitor student progress and needs/not a grade

26 FAQ My child is interested in being in Horizons. What do I do? Must qualify in 3 areas No longer screening from ITBS and CogAT scores Students with teacher recommendations may be screened. Only eligible for testing every 2 years Advanced classes available at RMS for students who are not in Horizons this year.

27 Please email your childs teacher for any further questions.

28 Thank you for coming to 5th Grade Curriculum Night.

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