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Welcome to Open House 09-13-12. Literacy Alamance-Burlington Literacy Process.

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1 Welcome to Open House 09-13-12

2 Literacy Alamance-Burlington Literacy Process

3 Literacy Components Phonemic Awareness- listening to and manipulating sounds in words Phonics- Letter and sound relationships, spelling patterns Vocabulary- Oral and written language Reading Comprehension- Understanding Fluency- Rate, phrasing, expression, and volume

4 Literacy in the Classroom Word Study Instruction (15 min.) Individualized study in spelling patterns; practice sorting by pattern, spelling, defining, and using in good quality grade sentences Test when each pattern/unit is complete Small Group Instruction (45 min.) Individual needs in vocabulary, comprehension, phonics instruction and fluency; both independent practice and small group instruction with a teacher or assistant Whole Group Instruction (60 min.) Grade level content in vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and word study

5 Literacy at Home **Nightly Reading** Students are placed in reading groups based on their ability level. They are given books that are on this level. It is important to keep up with the reading assignments as we do have book meetings and check on comprehension. Students should read aloud to an adult and be asked questions to check for comprehension. Students complete activities at home to share in class in a graded group activity.

6 Literacy Assessment and Grading Lexiles The Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) assessments will be given monthly. The grade scale will increase by 100 points each nine weeks in order to reach our end-of-year goal of 940, which should be a solid Level 3 on the EOG. Level 4 requires a 1,000+ SRI. For this nine weeks we are striving for a 700 Lexile score.

7 Math Math Expressions  Academic Vocabulary Timed Fluency Fact Tests Daily Problem Solving Big Concepts in Grade 4… Number sense 0.01-99,999 **Multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers** Perimeter and area Transformations Line graphs Median, mode, and range Proportional reasoning

8 Social Studies All about North Carolina  Regions  Government  Symbols  History  Industry and Economics  Spring field trip to Raleigh to see government buildings and museums

9  Moon Phases  Magnetism and Electricity  Fossils  Animal Characteristics  Food and Nutrition  Forces and Motion  Matter  Scientist Report 1 st Grading Period  Science Fair Projects (optional except for AIG students) Science

10 Writing Writing will be integrated into all subject areas. We will focus on opinion, narrative, expository, and poetry.

11 Communication Classroom Phone Numbers B Team Laurie Frazier 919-568-7715 Kelly Haynes 919-568-7192 Cheri Thomas 919-568-7724 *Phones are required to be set on “Do Not Disturb” during the instructional day.

12 Communication CHECK THEIR BOOKBAGS! Behavior and Homework Sheet – Please initial daily Daily (Haynes) or Friday (Frazier, Thomas) Folders Online grades Monthly Newsletters Email Updates ***Signatures required on reading logs ***

13 Communication We are on the web! (or will be soon) You will find announcements, information, and helpful links on our websites.

14 Field Trips Farm to Table – Cedarock Park September 26, 2012 $5 Due and permission slip Sept. 21 (Adults meeting us there must have background check – see below) Raleigh Team B – March14, 2013 Wilmington Some time in May All chaperones for every trip must have an ABSS approved background check completed in advance. (May be obtained in Garrett front office.)

15 Study Island Available K-5 Reading/Math/Writing/Science Aligned with NC Standard Course of Study Log-in information is taped in your child’s binder.

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