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Welcome to Curriculum Night Mrs. Pelletiers 5 th Grade Class.

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2 Welcome to Curriculum Night Mrs. Pelletiers 5 th Grade Class

3 Daily Schedule 7:50-8:20 Morning Work 8:20-9:40 Math 9:40-10:40 Reading 9:40 - 10:20 Guided 10:20-10:40 Whole Grp 10:40-11:25 Specials 11:30-11:55 Recess 12:05-12:35 Lunch 12:35 - 1:10 Grammar 1:10-2:10 Writing Workshop 2:10- 3:00 Social Studies 3:00- 3:05 Pack-Up / Dismissal

4 Specials Schedule Monday – Music Tuesday – PE Wednesday – Technology/Counseling Thursday – Art Friday – PE

5 Homework Expectations 50 or less minutes for 5 th grade Wordly Wise exercises and practice Math Workbook Online math textbook on my website Reading Log Projects or special presentations.

6 Classroom Rules 1.Follow directions the first time they are given. 2.Raise your hand for permission to speak. 3.Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. 4.Keep your hands, your feet, and any other objects to yourself. 5.Be respectful of others. 6.Stay on task. 7.Follow student dress code.

7 Grading Tests/Projects/Performance Assessment –Fridays (may move to Tuesdays by the end of the first quarter)-Weekly Reading Test every other week will be a summative assessment –Fridays- – Wordly Wise every other week Class work- Projects, Worksheets, Problem Solving Homework- incomplete homework counts towards a conduct grade. Excessive zeros in this area will yield an N in conduct.

8 Summative Assessment Re-tests Students will be allowed ONE retest for each assessment. Students eligible for a retest must participate in re-teaching and re-learning sessions and/or assignments as determined by the teacher. Students will receive the higher of the two grades. The purpose of allowing a retest is to ensure mastery of standards.


10 Communication Class Web page Monday Mail Folders 770) 888-1222 X170320

11 Standardized Testing- Come to our January Meeting CRCT Testing: a state standardized test that assesses mastery of the 5th grade curriculum. Students must pass the reading and math sections in order to be promoted to 6th grade Georgia Writing Assessment: an evaluation of each students response to an assigned prompt from a bank representing three genres: narrative, informational, and persuasive. Students are allowed approximately 120 minutes to write their essays.

12 Rubrics and Checklists: –Rubric-quantitative matrix of assessment –Checklist-the kid friendly version of the rubric –Contracts: For those who have mastered the skills and can go deeper into the standards with an extension activity. Project Based Instruction

13 Reading Novel Studies –Guided Reading Groups –Reading for meaning: predict, connect, question, evaluate, summarize –Literary elements Main grades comes from –Wordly Wise Tests –Weekly cold read test

14 Math 8:20-9:40 Fifth Grade Concepts to Learn Number and Operations Algebra Data Analysis Word Problems Measurement Previous Concepts / Skills to Maintain Add and subtract decimals Whole numbers and decimals computation Angle measurement Length, area, and weight Number sense Add and subtract common fractions with like denominators Data usage and representation Characteristics of 2-D and 3-D shapes Order of Operations Properties of addition and multiplication

15 Language Arts Grammar Power Point Grammar Power Point – We practice all 5 th grade standards at once! Word of the day/ Idiom of the Day /Oxymoron of the day/Pun of the day Wordly Wise – test every other Friday

16 Writing Georgia Performance Standards cover: Informational writing Persuasive writing Narrative writing 6 Traits of Writing: Ideas, Word Choice, Voice, Conventions, Organization, Sentence Fluency.

17 Writing Workshop WRITING WORKSHOP RUBRIC Each day, we will have Writing Workshop. Mini Lesson (about 20 minutes) Focus on a genre-Narrative, Persuasive, Informational, and Response to Literature. The Writing Process: Drafting, editing, revising, publishing Moving of the Magnets: To be implemented at the end of the first quarter once the understanding of the writing process is applicable on writing assignments.

18 Social Studies UNITED STATES HISTORY SINCE 1860-Present

19 Science Earth Science –Landforms of Georgia –Effects of constructive forces –Offers and considers reasoning –Effects of destructive forces –Role of technology in control –Measures and estimates Physical Science –Uses scientific tools –Introduction to conservation of matter –Physical Changes –Chemical Changes –Electricity and magnetism Life Science –Classification of organisms –Draws and sketches –Inheritance of traits –Learned behaviors –Researches for scientific information –Cells and microorganisms Habits of the Mind Questions and seeks to find answers Compares physical attributes Replicates investigations Works safely Records observations Quantifies data Assembles, describes, takes apart, and reassembles Identifies parts and makes models Describes changes

20 Join PTA! Thank you for coming!

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