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Welcome to Open House Anthony Schifano Pine Tree Elementary School.

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1 Welcome to Open House Anthony Schifano Pine Tree Elementary School

2 Trimester Dates 1 st Trimester Ends: 12/6/13 –Report Cards Home: 12/13/13 2 nd Trimester Ends: 3/21/14 –Report Cards Home: 3/28/14 3 rd Trimester Ends: 6/20/14 –Report Cards: 6/26/14

3 Our Schedule 9:00-9:30 - Morning Work 9:30-10:55 - Math 10:55-11:40 – Specials 11:42-12:25 - ELA 12:25-1:15 – Recess & Lunch 1:20-2:25 – ELA 2:25-2:30 –Assignment Planners 2:30-3:10 - Science & Social Studies 3:10-3:25 – Read Aloud

4 Language Arts Reading ELA Modules (Aligned with CCSS) Readers Workshop Guided Reading Realistic Fiction Historical Fiction Nonfiction Literature Circles Poetry Writing ELA Modules (Aligned with CCSS) Six Traits of Writing Personal Narrative Compare & Contrast Persuasive Research (Colonies) Poetry

5 Spelling Monday: Mini-Lesson Tuesday: Pre-test Monday-Wednesday Homework: ABC Order (Mondays & Spelling Connections Workbook Pages) Thursday Homework: Study Friday: Weekly Unit Tests

6 Math (Pearson Envison/Math Modules) Multiplication & Division Patterns Place Value Addition & Subtraction Fraction Equivalence & Ordering Measurement Units & Conversions Lines, Angles, & Shapes Problem Solving NYS Math Test Prep Aligned with the Common Core State Standards

7 Social Studies Map Skills Native Americans Early Explorers Colonial America Revolutionary War Early Immigration and Industrialization New York State Government

8 Science (Science 21) The Scientific Method Animals (Food Chains & Food Webs) Plant & Animal Adaptations Magnetism Simple Machines Water Cycle NYS Science Test Prep

9 Assessments State Assessment Schedule ELA: April 1 st -3 rd Math: April 30 th -May 2 nd Science: 21 st -30 th (Performance) & June 2 nd (Written) Local Benchmark Assessments STAR (ELA) – September, January, May enVision (Math) – October, January, May

10 Homework Spelling (ABC Order & Workbook) Math (Pearson Workbook Pages) Reading Comprehension Activities Independent Reading Reading Responses Assignment Planners

11 Classroom Activities & Celebrations 1.) Classroom Parent Volunteers *Please write your name on the Welcome to Open House sheet and indicate whether you would like to be a class parent. 2.) Holiday Parties *I will arrange with the class parent. 3.) Birthday Parties *Childrens birthday parties will be celebrated monthly.

12 Parents Role 1.) Communication *Notes: Personal notes or notes via student planner *Telephone: (845)460-6900 *E-mail: *Website: Teacher pages through M-W Website (Can find daily homework updates via my web page) 2.) Conferences *Upcoming Fall Conferences & Spring Conferences 3.) Attendance *If a child is absent, please sent in an absent note when he/she returns *If a child is tardy, they must receive a late pass from the main office. *Homework can be requested if student is absent two or more days 4.) Parent Handbook *Available on the Monroe-Woodbury website

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