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Absolute Monarch A King or Queen rules They have Absolute Authority

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1 Absolute Monarch A King or Queen rules They have Absolute Authority
They believe they get their power from God They do not recognize “natural rights”. If you have rights, they give them. King Louis XIV (14 ) of France (movie Man in the Iron Mask)

2 Totalitarian Dictatorship
One person rules everything about everyone They often come to power through election or military force They do not recognize “natural rights” so they will make rules about your social life and personal choices Hitler of Germany, Stalin of USSR, Castro of Cuba, and Kim Jung-il of North Korea

3 Direct Democracy People meet to make laws
Small communities can use this if everyone is a lot alike, otherwise fights tend to break out when there is a lot of diversity Majorities tend to abuse Minority viewpoints Small towns in New England, Greece - Athens

4 Republican Democracy or Representative Democracy
People elect representatives to make the laws for them Allows for large groups to have views expressed through a representative Representatives may act as a delegate and do as you wish or as a trustee and do what they think is best for you (even if you don’t agree). This offers protection for minority views Regular elections lets you remove those that you disagree with The United States Gets its name from the Roman Republic

5 Presidential System A President is elected by the people to enforce or carry out the laws He is not part of the lawmaking or legislative branch The United States

6 Parliamentary System The executive or person who enforces or carries out laws is chosen by the legislative branch They are called a Prime Minister Not directly chosen by the people The two branches are working closely together. The Prime minister would not veto the laws made by the legislative body

7 Confederation States come together to form a Loose Friendship or Association States maintain sovreignty (independent rule) and act as nations States control money and trade The Confederation or friendship is usually just to fight a common enemy or promote trade between states

8 Federal System Two governments have authority to rule
A central or national government (federal government) is given power to act on behalf of all states for defense, foreign trade, national goals (end pollution). National power is supreme State governments may also make laws for the common good of the people. State laws may not violate National laws.


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